Restrictions On Minor Profiles.

On a suggestion from a friend i am posting this here too..


I just saw popokichanel's story and it reminded me of the pm I had sent to an EP team member sometime back. Well I am by no means complaining but just pointing this flaw out that restrictions on the 13-15 and 16-17 age group profiles are useless. Here is the Pm i had sent

Ok you just commented on that credit card story and i went and read your comment. I just wanted to point out a simple flaw. you see you guys allow us to change our age all the time I mean its no sweat even if i want to stalk a minor i can just switch to a young age group range and stalk the guy/girl. You agree no one grows younger right? here is my idea..

while signing up you ask the person about their correct age and inform then that they will only be able to take it up from there and not below. As in if i sign up at 18-21 you should restrict it that i cant then take my age down to 13-15 or 16-17. the filters you guys have placed with such hard work are easily abuse-able i have done it myself a time or two.

I hope my suggestion sounds sane to you. I mean if this does not happen then placing the filters does not really work right?

And also that when people sign up on 16-17 and 13-15 group they should be warned about their filters and if they want to contact an adult they should only pm. On instances ive received WB comments from these younger ones and i just cant reply back. there is no way to tell them too.

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I think it makes a lot of sense of what I wrote and i also think EP should look into this since their hard work is not being used to its potential rest is there job i just felt it to be my duty as a member to point this out and I though a group would attract their attention, sorry for bothering you guys. You do an awesome job but it could just be awesomer =)

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Thanks AP I hope the guys look into it :)