Banned Returning Members And Fake Profiles

I, along with many other people are being harassed via Ep confessions. They have been returning after deleting or being banned just to provoke and attack again. This person will say and do anything as long they can get away with it... they plan on trying to ban everyone they feel they have an issue with with their fake profiles.  I could name names but I have reported those names to EP already so there is no need to do so here. I am truly upset by this and its ruining my time on EP by consuming it! Others have expressed the same concerns.  Please, EP, help us. We truly need it...I and others are being blackmailed by them in order to stop it. They want us to commit harm to other people or they won't leave us alone.  I can't sit here in silence anymore and not make this known to you. How is this fair to anyone? Why should anyone be forced to listen to someone call them crude insults and try to force them into doing something they don't want to do so the bullying will end... They want to chase people off of EP and thats entirely unfair, this is their goal with the blackmailing. Please, no one deserves this and we need help! 


I have reported and flagged each time. They keep threatening people, and blaming me for their actions against others.. I am lost and don't know what to do.. PLEASE HELP US EP!!!! They will stop at nothing to harm other people and I can no longer stand against them without addressing this issue here..For addressing this will greatly improve EP and its confessions from its current state....


Thank you.


take care and peace,







They are back... its chaos on the board. There is officially nothing that can be done it seems.

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awww thank you so much rose!! I truly appreciate it!!<br />
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THey are back but I've lost hope in their ever disappearing.. no matter what anyone does. So best to try and move on I think, I'll do my best but I'm not promising I won't confront them again eventually

Hae Honey, I am very protective of those I have given a place in my heart. If some ugly monster rears its ugly head again, you let me know and I will swing open the door to the Flying Monkey's Cage. <br />
On a serious note, I am very pleased to read that your tormenter has been axed by EP. I am not familiar with the confessions page, but did visit yesterday, trying to gain some insight into your sadness. Only a very sick person could find any delight in inflicting pain (physical,mental,emotional, or spiritual) on another person. How empty can a life be? Apparently very empty.<br />
You, on the other hand, are loved :~)

Haha I didn't read the second page either! *drags Nunya back to train*<br />
<br />
Yay EP A!!!

I didnt read the last page. :P I should pay attention more.

According to arsineh!! She just commented on this story today look back a page!!! She said they are gone!

For real this time?

guys didn't you hear! arsineh said they are gone!!!

i think we need to bring the hell train this way pickle.

Hae...I have heard about all of this...and I am flagging every attack I see as well. NOBODY messes with my friends and gets away with it!

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Thank you everyone!!!

KaPOW! Don't cha just love when EP A comes in and saves the day! ;D Snap and tap of da fingers!!! ....

I'm happy to report that this individual has been removed and banned from EP.

ignoring seemed to have equaled spam on the confession board... i hope they don't stoop to that level again...

I know where you're coming from, hon. But sometimes it helps to ignore bullies and bashers because they really get off on your attention. Even when it's negative. Try not to let immature a holes bother you. We should feel sorry for them. Best luck!

i hope this gets sorted out first i saw this as just some fun but now...well this woman has some issues that need to be adressed...

Thanks dyin2live!!! I truly appreciate the support! I hope something can be done to end it! I really do no one deserves this.. I would never wish such a thing on anyone.. :(<br />
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thank you so much for your comment and kind words! They are truly appreciated!

I hope this story convinces the EP Admins to do something slightly more permanent regarding this member...I haven't been on enough to see it happening lately but I am so sorry it is happening to you and everyone else, Hae! :-(

Thanks LespaulMark!!! It really is no problem at all! if it wasn't me it would have been someone else I'm sure!<br />
I hope it helps too! I really do.. :) <br />
<br />
Thanks again!

Thank you so much for wrighting this i hope it will help to make things right again,

Thanks floyd!! I do too!!! for now all we can do is sit and wait and let them do their jobs! I'm patient, I have no worries they won't do their best!

I hope EP hears your request! *hugs*

well they are back to pming me sporadically.. I agree all they are doing is hurting the ideals of EP..<br />
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sheesh we better be careful they may just come in here and start wailin on us..

Oh...everything I wanted to say was already said by you guys. ^_^<br />
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I will still say this person is harming the true meaning and reason of EP that they so claim to want to protect.

thanks guys!!! it really is the worst I have ever seen... I would have never dreamed it could ever be THIS bad.. but it is... it truly is..<br />
<br />
They stopped PMing me but eerily so did all of my friends lol.. Maybe its because I got cut off this morning... man I've had a crazy morning!!

Yay Hae!