You Need To Demolish The Place And Start Over

It's bad enough that there is a virus running rampant in the place no less than one a week

its bad enough that we keep getting messages about new comments that don't exist

its bad enough we go to look at actual new comments to find it telling us there are no comments


I know i'm not alone when  i say i'm sick of trying to send a message view a circle members profile or run through the number of pages notating the number of stories i've commented on to see "oops this page apears to be broken

Its bad enough that its the same reooccuring erros all the time that no one can seem to fix becasuse no one has the skills and EP refuses to hire people who might

But enough is enough already now when you post message replys they are minus any spacing what so over its just one giant paragraph of eye stinging and unreadable text

frankly i don't think blog posts should be like that but messages




YESTERDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

tulick tulick
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

i have 1 idea and 1 idea alone FIX ERRORS AND KEEP THEM FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tulick--Our engineers are currently working to correct the private messaging issue you describes. <br />
<br />
Equis--I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Member can contact EP Support by emailing We respond to emails within 24hours but many times within minutes. We also have useful tools on-site such as the flagging feature which allows the community to immediately flag inappropriate behavior for review by EP admins.<br />
<br />
With such a large community it's impossible for admins to see each piece of content that this uploaded onto the site though with the the help of the community we can address inappropriate posts immediately.<br />
<br />
Members can also share ideas for new site features here in the I want to improve EP group. We regularly review this group and and priorities site improvements based on community interests and needs.