Now The Undesirables Are Invading Stories

Often times the argument is that the naked avatar people keep to themselves and don't bother us and we should just leave them alone. Just ignore them.

Here is an instance of one of them invading a member's story. This is so wrong. This has to be stopped. It is bad enough to see them by accident on the "most prolific" page, or as a suggested friend, but now this one is advertising.

Please, EP. Do something about banning these people. I don't want EP to turn into a **** site.

Update: This person has now added a public blog decrying the fact that EP chastised her for the nude avatar photo. She has included the nude avatar photo in the public blog. Will she be removed from EP now? This is clearly a violation of the TOS as stated in EPArsineh's comment. She also states that if we don't like her photos we should stay away from the adult area. The only reason I saw it is because she commented on my friend's story!!

Further update: It was discovered that this person also had nude photos including photos of sex acts in several of her stories. She was removed from EP. Let's hope she doesn't simply return with a new profile.



  1. Posted by NaughtyTemptations on Feb 9th, 2010 at 11:32AM

    Oooo I hope this Grosses U out then! I'm a Shameless **** and LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. This person has now written a public blog decrying EP for chastising her for the nude avatar photo. She has included the nude avatar photo in the blog. Will she be removed from EP now?

datura datura
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Thank you for the post, and good to know that EP staff care.

It is sad. I am happy to report that this particular profile has now been removed. Let's hope it doesn't return under another name. Although I am sure it will.

Hi datura! I haven't been here in a while, but it's so sad to see what's going on :(

i've been here less than a year but from what others have told me, ep has been a **** site for some time now. doesn't look like things will improve either.

No, Lilt. I never foresaw myself as needing to use that phrase. Never in a million years.<br />
<br />
And, by the way, the blog with her nude photo which was posted AFTER her warning not to do it again or she would be removed--per EPArsineh's comment--has been removed. She, HOWEVER, has not been removed. She remains a fine member of EP. Even though it was her second offense.

Keep up the good work, Datura. I guess it's our job :-/<br />
Would you ever guess in a million years you would actually use the phrase <br />
"serial nude avatar posters."

This person has now written a public blog decrying EP for chastising her about the nude avatar photo. She has included the nude photo in the public blog. Will she be removed from EP now?

Clearly EP's interest in problem sloving only goes so far. That is unfortunate.

I expected that you would remove the image from this story. It was amazing how quickly you did. I have flagged nude male avatars for days before they are removed, but I knew that posting it here would assure it's removal.<br />
<br />
I have also kept track of a few of the serial nude avatar posters. There have been some who reposted the same or even worse nude avatars four and five times and they were not removed from EP. I even noted in my flags and private messages how many times they had put the avatars back up after the avatars were removed by EP. These people are still here.<br />
<br />
It is easy to find many of these offenders simply by looking through the friends of one of them. Someone should be doing it on a daily basis if you want to stop what is happening to this site.

Story logos have that option under the picture." is this logo appropriate" It's easy to flag that as no, if it's ****, nudity..etc. Avatars ?? I don't think . That could be a fast way to have EP review an Avatar. I wonder how long it takes EP to deal with a nasty logo. Do they take it off ASAP? I have reported REALLY horrible pics & they're still up. Mature topics have just the worse's ***** all the way & kids can see all that. We still try by flagging to help out somewhat.

We removed this image and have warned this member. If this behavior is repeated the member will be removed from EP.<br />
<br />
As of last week we introduced some changes to help us better track repeat offenders. Members who post adult images receive a warning the first time around but if they repeat this behavior they are removed from EP. <br />
<br />
We work hard, with the help of the community, to keep nudity off EP, obviously reposting an adult image in this story is not acceptable. As you said, minors can see these stories, please email EP Support, send me a PM directly.

Honestly, I pity the poor souls that are so desperate for attention that they behave in such a fashion.

I am seriously begining to question this site's integrity. EP needs to re-read it's mission statement.<br />
<br />
<br />
Like I need that image floating around my head. Damn it!

yep, not here.<br />
<br />
available on xtube, redtube, porntube or just google ****, BDSM, or any other word associated with the industry.<br />
<br />
thanks<br />
b<br />
<br />
ps. I love the female form and nudity does not offend me. In fact, when home alone I don't get dressed for days sometimes.

And please, EP, do not comment on this story that avatar nudity is not permitted and we should report it. That stance is NOT working. That is what you always say, but there has been NO improvement.

Yes , this was on MY story <br />
<br />
It ruined the whole tone!<br />
<br />
Seriously , stuff like that doesnt belong here .. or does it?<br />
<br />
Why dont you tell us ?<br />
<br />
Do you not mind ?

Yes, please EP do something.