Get You Priorites Streight

I DON"T want a new story sharing page layout and if i did i wouldn't want this 3rd grade piece of **** you have here

I Never Did  want to imbed pictures and crap into my stories so that they take 45 minutes for the page to load

The emotocons looked bad enough to but now they look like something out of an 80's viedo game


abnd the speel check no longer fuctions if you want spell check your best bet is to copy to a word file because this thing doesn't work where before all you had to do was click the spell check icon this auto activated **** never is active

and this

This box offers spellcheck and draft functions, along with the ability to upload photos and embed videos. help
(Or switch to basic editor.)










And an ounce of common sense says you fix the **** thats broken BEFORE  you add new **** that will send all of it tumblinmg down like a house of cards

Yet i still see opps this page is broken every other time i click something

i'm still getting there are no comments be the first to wirte one nearly every time i look at a new comment and have to click on the group and then my stories to find the dasmn thing


but this is what you spend your time on f***ing up something that was at least working to begin with and don't think it has escaped my notice or anyone elses that all this **** started when  you started your "improvements"

and now you've given the grammar Nazis something else to flay us with but all you care about is rolling out some new **** that is worse than the old

What is it going to take for you to get a clue a live feed some someone spaying there brain matter all over their PC for you to comprehend anything about what happens when you start f****ing with the most basic fuctions around here

Keep going and i promice you its what you'll end up with





tulick tulick
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8 Responses Feb 9, 2010

well redoing the story wiriting page was a waste too <br />
<br />
and we're still waiting for moods and gestures to be write in we're still waiting for spell check for comments and group creation <br />
<br />
instead of doing that they broke the f*cking spell check and gave the grammar nazis something else to eat us alive with <br />
<br />
i realy do hope one of the first videos em<x>beded into a story is someone blowing their own brains out because of what EP has done to this place

I know.<br />
What a waste.

the chat feature is wortthless you want tokens you have to pay money for them

I'm waiting for the virtual EP Back Massage. <br />
Only two tokens.<br />
Does anyone know how you get tokens? <br />
And have you ever used the "Chat" feature?

well 'enable SCAYT' or don't the spell chewck never works since they got this new and impoved **** loaded in <br />
<br />
at least the old spell chck system had something of an 80% function rate <br />
<br />
and i don't know why they cant just buy a copy oif MS word put it on their network and have it instead of the story wiriting space as its set up now <br />
<br />
and NO we don't need to run off everyone using dial up because a few want to have pics and video in their stories

either way it still does not WORK thats what i'm TRYING to tell you

To use the spell check feature, click on the ABC icon. You'll then see 'enable SCAYT' once you click on 'enable SCAYT, you'll automatically see a red line under all the words that are misspelled. If you 'disable SCAYT' you will not see the red lines under misspelled words.<br />
<br />
Though you may not use the photo and video em<x>bedding tool many of our members do.

no a warning before the push someone over the edge before someone goes bannanas and blows their brains out trying to operate this thing they think is a website <br />
<br />
the only "threat" here is someones potential boddily harm to themselves <br />
<br />
the only thing i'm going to get is perhaps EP's attention long enough for them to DO SOMETHING about the constant errors <br />
<br />
and as if you have room to talk about someone getting in truoble around here