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I haven't been very active in a while, but it seems things are not going well around here. My 2 cents:


Two Separate EPs: As other members have said, create 2 EPs: One safe EP and one adult/***** EP. Everything (profiles, stories, experiences, etc) should be strictly separated. Users will have to logout and login again if they want to switch EPs.

Approve New Experiences Beforehand: When EP started it was understandable to let every user create new experiences, as to populate this part of the site. But now EP has tons of them. So from now on, if a member decides to create a new experience, it will be approved by the EP staff first (24hrs seems like a reasonable waiting time). This will not only prevent disturbing experiences from being created, but it would also help in preventing duplicates.

Approve New Pictures Beforehand: If someone decides to add/change a picture (in a profile or experience) it should be approved by the EP staff first. I'm sure the majority of users won't mind waiting 24hrs for this. (Note: I'm talking about avatars here, album pictures are safe to go without pre-approval).

Some Maintenance: Disturbing experiences/stories should be deleted. Duplicate experiences should be merged (I noticed you've started to do this).

Triggering Icon Idea: How about giving members the option to add a little icon or warning to their stories, in case they may be triggering to other members (for example, valid stories about suicide, abuse, etc)? I've seen this in other sites and found it useful. (Note: this is *not* the "inappropriate for under 18" option, this is just a triggering warning, different things).

Approve New Ads Beforehand: Instead of removing the offending ones afterwards, I think it may possible to approve the ads before they're shown.  

Add "report/flag" options everywhere: If something has been reported by 1-2 members, look into it. But if something has been reported, say, by at least 3 different members, it's probably offensive, so let the system remove the offensive content automatically (then investigate). This especially in the case of pictures.

Volunteers: As some other members have mentioned, why don't ask long-time members for help? Give them the ability to at least remove offensive content themselves. They can also approve new pictures and experiences.


I know all this requires some changes in your software, but I don't think it would be too difficult to do. Just a couple tweaks here and there. This is a great site, and that's why I've taken the time to write this. But if you don't get these basics fixed, I think most people will start leaving to similar sites.


SparkLilly SparkLilly
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I agree with all that. But the only thing that I really want, is to be able to answer anonymously to comments on my anonymous confessions. And, to be able to have the option go directly to my answers on the captions/questions of the day... But I am easy to please ^_^

Sleepless42 and MymanRuss: Yeah, I think I went overboard with the whole pre-approval thing lol. But seeing so much NSFW profile pictures is a bit frustrating. Maybe a mix of pre-approving new pictures and what Sleepless said about hiding flagged pictures until they're either removed or re-approved? Same thing can go for disturbing experiences.<br />
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I still really like the volunteers idea, I've seen that implemented in other sites successfully. Trustworthy long-time members can be given certain permissions to control offensive content and pre-approve the safe one.<br />
<br />
EPArsineh, thanks for taking the time to reply to my post! From what I understand, the staff is *not* considering the idea of two EPs, am I right? To be honest, I'm not sure how this tracking tools you mention are going to work. I mean, they sure work for the occasional offensive picture. But look at how things are right now: you already have TONS of NSFW profiles and experiences. In this case, I think 2 EPs is actually more effective than just tracking.<br />
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Anyway, I wish the staff the best of luck with their plans and I really appreciate that you've taken the time to read this :)

i really like that sounds great

Thanks for taking the time to share these thoughtful suggestions. We've already begun discuss and working on a few of these suggestions.<br />
<br />
One you mentioned is creating "One safe EP and one adult/***** EP". I understand your concern and your reason for this suggestion. Like EP Staff you don't want to see nudity and on public areas of the site. This is unacceptable and violates our terms of service. Instead we want to have one EP and work toward making sure adult images and nudity stay off. As of last week we introduced a few tracking tools that will allow us to track members to post inappropriate images after being warned. If a member repeats this inappropriate behavior they are removed. <br />
<br />
You mentioned being frustrated by duplicate experience groups. As you've noticed we are in the process of merging duplicates. We also have a number of automated features in place to prevent members from creating duplicate groups. It's impossible for EP to review each experience group and or profile picture before it is allowed to be created or posted. This would frustrating EP members and would overwhelm staff with an impossible load. Instead, we're working on better group merging criteria so that this process becomes automated and are improving profile picture flagging tools.<br />
<br />
Thanks again for these suggestions. We hear you and are working to address these important concerns.

I REALLY like the idea of 2 EP's too. (there should be a serious poll).<br />
I don't however like the idea of SO MUCH pre-approval and taking down then investigating LATER. (outside of the offending obvious). That's just waaay too censored and communistic to me. Just sayin'. :D

excellente! bravo! EP uncensored & EP - the original idea of a support site - 2 separate entities - a fantastic idea.

Thanks datura! I would really like if someone from the EP staff reads this, and writes about whether they're considering (or already working on) some of the suggestions.

Very thoughtful suggestions, SparkLilly. They really need to do something to address these issues. The problems are snowballing.

I think it would be a great idea if they even put one of these into place!

Thanks for the reply lala! I know what you mean, but I think a little work now can save them tons of work later. Instead of receiving tons of (justified) complains from members now, and having to track down each offensive member/picture as they're reported, they can instead implement some of the changes now and everything will be easier for them later.<br />
<br />
Yes, the 1st suggestion is a big change, but I think it will be nice (for them and for us) is they considered at least the other ones.

As wonderful as these suggestions are, I can't see EP taking any of them on. It's too much work for them as it is. :(