Is that what it's called?? 

The new spell checker that is in the stories and now the PMs.. It's very nice, just once small problem it's almost useless! 

Yes, it underlines any spelling errors (though Chrome did that for me anyway) but then it offers no spelling suggestions! Don't just tell me I'm wrong, help me out!  Not only does it not offer suggestions, but it seems to prevent Chrome from offering any either.. So for me, rather than improving the spell check, you have basically removed it.

Not cool!  

I have also noticed that EP doesn't play well with Chrome.. Chrome tries, but EP pulls it's hair.. Is there any way you could make the two more compatible? 

At the moment I find that;

  • The tool bar in the PM box disappears after I scroll past a certain point.
  • The only way I can use the bold, italic or underscore options in stories or PMs is to highlight the text I want to emphasise then click the option I want. I can't just hit the B icon and start to type.
  • After that, the only way I can switch back to normal text is to start again on a new line. I am having to first complete the document and then go back over it, to add bold etc..  

I have raised the latter points a few times and always asked why I use Chrome in a kinda "Aww, can't you just switch browsers?" kinda way... Well no, I can't. Chrome is up there with Firefox and IE now (and in my opinion better than both) and since Google is slowly taking over the world, I think it would be a good idea if you two started getting on! 

Also, I heard somewhere that we were getting new emoticons...But all I see are the old ones drawn slightly differently. Will there be more?

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5 Responses Feb 11, 2010

its the old adage if it aint broke don't fix it (now i didn't like the times the spell check refused to work or the times i had to redo it because it messed up but at least you had something) <br />
<br />
and i'll add that if it is broken don't break it even further and call it an improvement

well i was happy with the old spell check because at least it worked 60 or more percent of the time where as this one only worked at max about 2 % of the time

well lets hope thats a good thing

well at least you can get your SCAT what the **** ever to turn on (last time i wrote a story i couldn;t even get it to do that <br />
<br />
tell me EP why does the auto spell check for caption of the day work better than the one for stories???

Thanks for this post. I've sent your list to our engineering team which will work to make sure EP runs well on Chrome.<br />
<br />
Are you still having trouble with the spellcheck? When you right click on the underlined word does it not give you a list of suggestions? It should be corrected now but please let me know if you're still having trouble.