Ep Have You No Shame?

What do i find when i long in today but a giant ad about being an EP supporter taking up my entire screen

As if it wasn't bad enough there's an box on almost every page advertizing what i get if i do become an EP supporter ad space telling me in small blue letters "EP supporters don't see ads here"

Now you gotta go and put some giant ad all over my screen when i long in because i was once an EP supporter ?



No way in hell would i pay the rumored $62  a year membership a dime a day or whatever the hell it costs especially not for a website that can't get it's act together where viruses run rampant like cockroaches, you would  almost prefer the cockroaches to the tolls, pediphiles and group titles-profiles with pics that made you wish you had not eaten your latest meal before logging on

A website that pays no more attention to user needs than the worst customer service department in the world you waste your time with all the cosmetic things to make the place look good but we are still waiting fore moods and gestures to be made write in its all well and good that we can now put pics and video into stories except people have been doing the former for ages and kudos to you on screwing your international users your rural US users or anyone poor enough to still be using dial up internet as they can now look forward to 15 minute story loads only to find out its video and they don't want to spend the next 3 hourse going through 5 minutes of some ******* you tube pilfered BS i run into enough blogs like that already

Why would anyone want to support this place to begin with where the so called improvements usually break something that was perhaps not perfect but at least it actually worked 80+% of the time before all the improvements changing a profile pic took a minute maybe 2 mere seconds really now it takes 30 to go site wide, we never used to get phantom new just for you alerts about new comments that don't exist we never used to click on a story with actual new comments only for it to say "there are no comments be the first to write one" and you then have to go through all these hoops to find your comments until all these "improvements"

The story page redo is the worst thing EP has done to date the old emotocons were lame for sure but they looked a hell of a lot better than the 80's video game Mario brothers knock offs that look even more creepy than before the auto save for drafts might be great if it didn't slow down the buffers even more causing it to freeze mid typing and you have to wait for it to catch up to see where you left off- oh and i can't even type 20 WPM i can imagine the frustration of someone who types a standard 35 or more and the spell check, why do i seemingly have to push it twice to get it to start working??? and why did you not bother to tell anyone that once it is enabled it takes at least 5 minutes to show you spelling errors up to your current line of typing ???  You guys remind me of the moron from my cellphone company whom i called when i charged the battery yet got nothing but a black screen all of the sudden this moron wanted   me to take the batter y out of my phone what happed the thing turned itself off and to turn it on you needed to press and hold the on button for up to 2 minutes you see how a little information goes a long way 

And people are sick to death of EP sitting up here saying its fixed when its not (either they can't keep it that way for more than a few hours or they are lying to have public relations face) just know that nearly everyone on EP considers it the latter) We don't wanna here how small your staff is we want the place to function and either you make it function, hire the people you need to do so, or shut the place down those are your only 3 options

The fastest way for me to NEVER become an EP supporter is to shove it in my face all the time especially with whole ads invading the screen and the second way is to constantly be telling you about the malfunctions on your site

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5 Responses Feb 11, 2010

well and you do not have to be a supporter to be a member <br />
<br />
the perks of handing over your money aren't that good <br />
<br />
and EP still can't do basic things

i don't have $62 and i certaily don't have it for that if i did have i'd find far better use for it than given support to a site that is FREE and can't get its head out of its behind to save its own life

oh i know i want them to REMOVE the giant ad its bad enough they shove it in my face on nearly every page

I don't think you get the ad because you were once an EP supporter and now you aren't---I haven't been an "EP Supporter", but I get the ad. I think probably everyone who isn't one gets the "Support EP" ad.

well of course it was it was me <br />
<br />
oh and EP if you need to fix the save draft buffer timing every other f*cking word it was freezing the f*cking page this is beyond ridiclious