Attach A Message when becoming a Fan

Hi, when I want to add someone to my circle, I'd like them to know why am I doing it. The person might have written something I particularly liked. Or, their overall comments are interesting. Either way, I don't want them to just get a message, out of the blue, stating I became a Fan of theirs. Obviously we would comment on common threads before becoming Fans, but this is not sufficient.

So, when I take the initiative to add someone as fan, I would like to be able to attach a short text message. The other person would get the message (as they do now) but in addition to the standard explanation from EP, they would also get my personal message, where I greet them and ask them to be my friend. The same thing can be done when I respond to an invitation for friendship.

I think this could be easily done, and would improve the atmosphere on EP. From the introduction message, people would know about the personality of the other party.  )

AgeingThinker AgeingThinker
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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I like that idea. Usually I just send a message to the person separately, to let them know why I'm adding them. I think it'd be great to just be able to add them and message them in the same step though! <br />
Some people just add me out of nowhere, and I have no idea why they've added me---if they've liked something I wrote, if they answered one of my questions or I answered theirs---if I don't know, I don't add them back. If we've been exchanging messages in one way or another and so I actually know who they are, I'll go ahead and add them back, but if I've got no clue, I'll wonder if they're adding me because they like what I've written or if maybe they're just someone who adds everyone so they can have like 500 friends, most of which they never talk to. So yeah, after this wordy (and probably redundant) comment I've written, I would appreciate it to have an option to send a message right along with adding someone. Good idea!! =)