Can we please get decent smileys? Less creepy looking ones  .  .  . heck borrow the set that Yahoo Messenger uses but these current ones creep me out.




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6 Responses Feb 14, 2010

@ allfordogs75...infuckingdeed!!! I HATE that!!<br />
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@ MMX2....I sooooo agree with you. And not only that, but since they changed the PMs and the story pages, I have a hell of a time posting text or images I've copied from other sites.....I HATE the new format on both!!!!!!!

Thanks for the post. We'll look at other icons and see if we can find something a little less creepy. If you can tell me what makes the current set creepy then we can keep that in mind when we update them in the future.

I've never had an issue, but yeah, I'm in a Jimmy Hendrix haaaaaazzze when I see/use them. They can certainly be better. Don't tell me they can't change the template or that it would be too hard...

I agree! They are totally creepy and kind of blurry.

The old set was better than this one...

Hahaha you're right about that.