Wtf Is Going On Around Here ???

Do you not have tech people taking care of things around here?


If you do  why in the **** is there always bugs running rampant on this site?

WHY is it that i am all the sudden seeing endless pop up adds for everything from online schools to search engines for choosing your own doctor to those idiotic congratulations visitor collect your prize here bullshit ????

And before you ask me a silly questions that i'm sure i will get anyway  YES my pop up blockers are ON no I DID NOT change the settings so again i say WTF is going on around here ???????




From what i can tell this thing renders your pop up blocker completely ineffective it can be on and on the highest setting (that interferes with things that naturally open in a new window) and it be like you have no pop up blocker engaged at all and as a result it has infiltrated my entire computer so i'm seeing it everywhere on any site i visit (THANKS EP NOT)       i have seen the following pop ups thanks to this

an ad for liberty university

an ad entitled married but lonely 

and ad for reg cure PC repair software

and that was just a few minutes ago

I have also gotten pop ups for (near as i can tell) something called the place an ad with spring grass green and tercoius lettering some find a doctor ad and something dancing around going congratulations users you've won this or that for being X number of visitor


Other ads include

gerber life insurance

perfect match .com dating site

some site without a name that displays some sort of video

somthing entitled true- subheading live love learn

Someone find the off switch  NOW!


And the latest ads to join the annoyance

one for Kaplan university

sxomething called nexplore what ever the **** that is

and CX video what ever








oh and all those people who thought i should change browsers remove my add ons

who's WRONG now???????????????????

who's the big dummy now ????????????

:P   :P  :P  :P


I  F-ING TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tulick tulick
31-35, F
39 Responses Feb 23, 2010

STOP making this a life meiphore when it is not <br />
<br />
people here have told me to do the following <br />
<br />
turn off all add ons and or change browsers and you have seen my resposes <br />
<br />
the problem is IT SHOYULD WORK WITH ALL BROWSERS particularlly one as well known as internet exploror if it does not that is NOT a problem with the set up of MY computer it is something wrong with EP period end of sentence <br />
<br />
Others have suggested i turn off all add ons meaning in my case tool bars (as they are the only add ons i have ) forget that they have functioned for 3 years with no issues my google toolbar has been installed serveral times without incident <br />
<br />
Nevermind that doing so would cost my spell check my google history and my new e-mial indicator and my didconnect/conect button which after you loseall that there is really no point in having the computer on and connected to the internet <br />
<br />
there is no garontee it will fix the problem and for ALL of everyones suggestions NO ONE has once told me HOW to downloasd firefox or google crome (the latter of which does not play well with EP and EP has recently tired to work on that) or how to USE any of those things once they are downlloaded <br />
<br />
the problem is NO ONE is going to come to my house and install any of this stuff no one is going to do anything other than critizize my choice of browsers my choice to use tool bars or the type of virus and spyware sofware i use all of the suggestions are things that are going to cost me time and money and likely not work to begin with <br />
<br />
As i have said now for the zillionth time the problem originated with EP and i am now happy to report happens nowhere else but EP so i'm taking the not so monumentious shot in the dark and saying this is an EP problem <br />
<br />
And you STILL ignore speeclesses story copied and pasted here for everyones veiwing about the level of visruses add weare malwaeare and other **** found on EP <br />
<br />
you STILL ignore 2 other people that say they too have the same issue one of which thinks you all are morons and like me intends to keep their tool bars as they are <br />
<br />
and those are the 2 people willing to speak up others will stay silent because they see EP staff as iniffectual and incappable of doing squawt others might change brwosers to get rid of the issue <br />
<br />
my locus of control is exactly where it should be trying to get EP to clean up its site and take care of its mess because i can't fix it for them and i have done all i can with my PC <br />
<br />
now you can either say something constructive or get the heck lost

Tulick, computers are machines. If the fault lay with EP then many others would be experiencing these problems - and so far, only two (possibly three) people - of whom you are one - are experiencing these problems.<br />
<br />
This means there is something wrong with YOUR set up - not with EP. If it was an EP problem, many (if not most) of us would be experiencing it. If that were the case I'd support your efforts to get things fixed. But I'm not blaming EP for a problem that seems to be related to your computer, not to this site.<br />
<br />
As you obviously know very little about computers I would expect you to be grateful to responses from people who DO know about them and offer you solutions. But no, you immediately suspect them of ulterior motives and attack their well meant advice . . . <br />
<br />
One reason you get little sympathy is that you are always so AGGRESSIVE and ABUSIVE in your posts - see your own story above as an example.<br />
<br />
You think it is everyone ELSE who is difficult, mean, nasty, unkind and generally setting out to make your life a misery. Whilst ever you believe you have no control over events because your locus of control is situated externally, you can never ever expect things to get better. If you change your locus of control to an internal one, you will begin to see that you DO have some control over your life - and this could make you happier.<br />
<br />
But hey! It's your life! If you get off on being miserable, enraged and down-trodden - that is your choice. Seems a waste of your young life to me - but again, it is your choice. (Somehow I just KNOW you are going to reply with a post that says this is NOT your choice . . . !!!)

Morph again you show your unwavering ignorance this is not a life meiphore its about an EP MALFUCTION <br />
<br />
no one should HAVE TO use google crome firefox and everything else to get this stie to opperate properly or to protect from add ware malware viruses and to get decent popo up blockers <br />
<br />
<br />
and the bigger question is why it does not and why that is so ok with every everyone ????????????<br />
<br />
hints why this story is here to get EP to work on it not for me to say "woe is me"

I wish you well in overcoming your difficulties, tulick, for they appear to be colossal and unceasing. Maybe life has singled you out for extraordinary suffering that I cannot fathom because of my ignorance. I am one of those blessed with a life that has been unjustly filled with good fortune.<br />
<br />
Bye.<br />
<br />

I don't have this problem but I run either chrome or firefox browsers usually. I don't like IE too much. The only one that gets me is the eharmony one and it has embarrassed me more than once talking to me when I am not alone.

hey Morph last time i looked this was MY story not yours what the hell makes you think you are making some kind of threat to block me when you CHOOSE to comment on MY story you don't like it don't read it or keep your totally unhelpful comments to yourself<br />
<br />
and STOP making this about MY character flaws instead of what the story is really about EP's cntinual malfuctions <br />
<br />
IT SHOULDN'T MATTER WHAT BROWSER WE USE we should be able to use any one we want and not have to worry about it IT SHOULDN'T MATTER WHAT OS WE USE OR VIRUS AND SPYWARE PROTECTION as long as we have those things and keep them working according to their instructions our obligation is fullfilled <br />
<br />
this site has a duty to its users and its literal existance to get a handle on the viruses malware add ware spyware bullshit or the place is going to topple on their heads and ours and be usable for NO ONE <br />
<br />
this is not a character falw its an electronic one and i am not the only one who thinks so <br />
<br />
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Posted by Speechless42 on January 28th, 2010 at 3:44PM<br />
<br />
41-45 year old man<br />
2455 experience groups and 518 stories<br />
<br />
I can no longer play on virus program..every one I've tried, says it is a dangerous website and makes it difficult for me...<br />
<br />
I don't have trouble ANYWHERE ELSE! So....<br />
<br />
Please don't tell me to do this or that EP, it's not my job.<br />
<br />
You fix it!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
DNSFlush.cws Technical Details<br />
<br />
Malware is a term for a mischievous software or program code designed to access and harm local and network machines without the victims permission or knowledge. Malware is usually infecting computers by exploiting system vulnerabilities to perform mischievous behavior such as hijacking browser settings, downloading additional malware, sweeping or shifting files, open security back doors and more. Malware may also gather private data and redirect the monitored information to third parties. Malware includes worms, viruses, crimeware, trojans, adware, dialers, rootkits, spyware, keyloggers and other mischievous programs.<br />
<br />
Win32.Agent.ieu copies several malicious files to the system directory of the operating system and creates an autorun entry in order to get launched on every start up. When the computer is infected Win32.Agent.ieu tries to download other malware in order to harm the computer.<br />
<br />
I believe these are coming from EP, given that so many of us with different operating systems and virus programs started having the same problems at the same time. EP has to be the common denominator.

Tulick<br />
<br />
I find myself getting massively irritated with your self-absorbed "pity me" attitude. You need to stop blaming everything and everybody else in the world for the problems in your life; blowing things up out of proportion and being disingenuous with freely given advice. You are collecting a following of people who have tried to assist you, even tried to become your friends, but have become so disillusioned with your affectations that they simply give up on you. For example, putting things in caps DOES NOT MAKE THEM TRUE. You are just shouting what you think. <br />
<br />
I have a fairly good idea of how you may respond to this rant, but you know what, Tulick? I don't care, because I have come to the sad conclusion that I don't actually like you, and am even considering blocking you so I don't have to put up with any more of your mean spirited posts. <br />
<br />

enna30 this is not about my charater or some fault in MY personality the FACT remains that one day i didn't have all this **** going on on my computer the next day i did and i DID NOT change anything that i normally do on my computer the FACT is this **** started while using EP and ONLY EP so yeah i would say the problem is EP <br />
<br />
Morph seee if you can't cpmprehend this sentence- I DON"T KOW HOW TO TRY ANOTHER BROWSER <br />
<br />
<br />
and even if i knew how i'm not going to put something on my computer i have never heard of and don't know how to use because that will just make it WORSE <br />
<br />
to say nothing of it SHOULD work with internet exploror and if it doesn't that IS an EP problem <br />
<br />
i don't know where everyone commenting on this thread thinks that everyone else has a degree in IT or information systems or knows everything about computers its bully for you if you do but the rest of us don't

There are ZERO problems with this site. I use Google Chrome (file size just over half a meg... shouldn't take more than a few minutes even with dial-up). Don't blame the messenger for the message, Tulick. My suggestion is try another browser, see if the problem goes away. If it does (and I suggest it probably will) then you owe more than one person an apology.

The answer to that is this is NOT an EP problem. It is a Tulick problem. And even though you get "extremely enraged" when this is pointed out to you, you seriously believe that you NEVER have to do anything about any problem you experience because it is ALWAYS someone else's fault.<br />
<br />
If ONLY you would allow for the possibility that you might actually be happier, healthier and less "enraged" by doing some things to help yourself, you might actually get to enjoy life! Imagine that!

Well then i go back to my origanal question why should i have to when this is an EP problem not a browser problem <br />
<br />
and my pop upl blockers were fine and had worked sucessfully for 3 years up and until the day before this story was posted

I use fire fox and I don't have any pop ups, you don't need to uninstall anything to install fire fox.

i am not dignifying anymore of your comments with a respose

You're making all of this up, aren't you?<br />
Are you afraid that if you turn off the google toolbar that the popups will stop?<br />
Why do you think EP is responsible?<br />
Do you really know all about computers?<br />
Did you actually say that the virus followed you to another site?<br />
Are you still giggling?<br />
If you don't think you are self important and I do, <br />
what does that make you think?<br />
How the job search going?<br />
Do they still groan when you come in their offices?<br />
Hows it working out with the family?<br />
Are they totally tired of your complaining yet?<br />
Which of these questions will you choose to ignore?<br />
Which of these questions will you choose to answer?<br />
Have you tried googling "HOSTS"?<br />
Do you really want to fix the problem?<br />
Do you really have a problem?<br />
Do you lie?<br />
Do you make things up for attention?<br />
Do you ever try to help yourself?<br />
Do you have trouble following directions?<br />
Have I asked you enough questions?<br />
Have I changed my suggestion once throughout all of this?<br />
Do you get paid by the post?

just because i don't care about spell check here doesn't mean i don't care about spell check in say an e-mail about a job <br />
<br />
i care about e-mail notifications paricularly if i am doing something else on-line and am waiting for a particular e-mail from someone <br />
<br />
i don't think myself "self important" i think this issues is important to ALL ep users including the other 2 at least people having the same problem <br />
<br />
I am not blaming the wrong things this issue started while i was on EP nowhere else and it first infilltrated my e-mail inbox page before following me to at least one other site i visit the former is a common occurence with the virues and **** that come from EP<br />
<br />
making my web experience better means getting EP to fix the probelm and making sure it dosn't come back

Ahh, but you haven't tried, so you really don't know for sure, do you?<br />
Since when do you care about spell check? Is this a test?<br />
Who cares about email notifications?<br />
Have you noticed that you never answer all my questions?<br />
Why would you do what?<br />
Do you want to do anything? <br />
Does anyone ever do anything when you complain incessantly?<br />
How did you get to be so self-important?<br />
Do you want to make your web experience better?<br />
Is it just more fun to complain about it and do nothing but blame the wrong things?<br />
Since when do you care about spell checking?<br />
I really wonder what made you care about your spelling?<br />
Did you care about spelling before and just misspell half your post to further the argument?<br />
Do you think that I think you'll answer any of these questions?<br />
Does it really matter?<br />
Do you?

ahh but it won't <br />
<br />
and then i have no spell check i have no new e-mail notifications and no google history no easy links to places i fequently go to <br />
<br />
why would i do that and WHY should i have to

It seems that it does not matter to you if it is explained, <br />
When all you have done is ignore the explanation.<br />
Turn off the tool bar extensions and your problem will go away.<br />
<br />
You'd rather disagree than try that?<br />
<br />
Do you giggle when you carry on like this?

better yet why don't you explain why dreamvoyeur has the same probelms i do and that he is the 3rd person that i have come in contact with that has this same probelm <br />
<br />
perhaps you can also explain how EP eventually manages to deal with this **** and make it go away ?

Same story for days, at this point I wonder what you are really after...<br />
I wonder how you explain it that I have no problems like that?

exactly i don't pay to use the site becuse its NOT required <br />
<br />
and i'm sick to death of the commentor who seems to thing this is MY fault or other people's fault because of the type of web browser we use or the type of virus and spyweare protection we have or the tool bars we choose to have engaged on our computers <br />
<br />
When A thats not the probelm because i have had to install my google toolbar multiple times and it had NEVER done this to me as i said i won't get rid of my ISP's toolbar as it alerts me to new e-mail and has your disconnect/ connet button(something you kind of need) on there after that its the basic IE bar which if i'm not mistaken has your tools and page safty and such drop down menues

oh yeah i know how "easy" it is as i had to do it 2-3 times last night with the ask tool bar containing webroot info that i was attempting to juse to get my stupid virus and spyware protection to update properly <br />
<br />
i also know that for a year and a half under my former virus and spyware stuff it found nothing and when it did it cleaned it sucessfully (which my current stuff is learning to do now) <br />
<br />
i also know that the influx of viruses on EP is a relatively new thing in this quatity and i am not the only one expericing this as evidenced by this story <br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Do you not want to try it because it might actually be the answer?<br />
You do realize that you can turn them on as easily as you can turn them off, right?<br />
As in : turn them off, surf for a while, see what happens.<br />
Turn them back on one at a time and see which "friend" is causing your grief...

but thats not whats causing the problem because the add ons were there for literally years with no problems

There you have it...

turn what off my browser extentions <br />
<br />
no i'm not turning those off so i lose my ability to see that i have emaill my spell check and my ability to gooogle search quickly <br />
<br />
forget it

Your logic is obviously perplex...<br />
<br />
Even though I've suggested it three times now, <br />
you have yet to turn them off to see what happens...<br />
<br />
I didn't tout Firefox...

the problem is that when i followed your suggestion and looked at what you told me to i found nothing out of the ordinary i found nothing on the list you gave or anything that i didn't know what it was <br />
<br />
so your last suggestion was obviously not the cause of my problem <br />
<br />
and don't think that i don't hear about issues of function and compatability between EP and fire fox

You act as though I think I have something to prove to you...<br />
I suggested what you could do, and you didn't do it.<br />
Turn off the BHO's in the Add-ons.<br />
You "think" everything there is what you want.<br />
I "think" that is where your trouble comes from.<br />
More than one person has suggested that you get a new browser.<br />
I still suggest you do something to fix your annoyance<br />
instead of complain about it.<br />
You say that 2 people are experiencing this...<br />
Two people out of 1000s ?<br />
Really, it is your computer, not the internet.<br />
I don't want to fix it, no-one wants to fix it<br />
You need to fix it yourself<br />
or: you're just making it up, that happens dome times...

well the thing is-is when i go to tools and go to manage add ons all i get is toobar extentions and nothing else and the toolbars were around long before the current virus issues of ep began trying to invade my computer <br />
<br />
i see none of the names of things you listed or anything i didn't recognize that wasn't a fuction of the tools drop down meneu <br />
<br />
and i usually don't use the would you like "help with that" crap and i don't get sugestions <br />
<br />
and that still does not explain why this only started 2 days ago and why 1 other person says they are having the same problem <br />
<br />
and do you remember me continually saying "you wanna try again"

If you go to the "Tools" menu, and select "Manage add-ons"<br />
You'll see everything that you clicked "ok" to along the way.<br />
Look for "AdAware", or maybe "Gator" or maybe '"Alexa"<br />
Or it may be named something else entirely.<br />
<br />
Once upon a time, a program asked you if you would like "help" with things you might like.<br />
What it does is highlight a word on any web page, and then gives you "suggestions"<br />
Usually these suggestions are popup ads.<br />
People think it is the spell check. It is not. People think it is a "virus", but they clicked "OK"<br />
<br />
Really, it is easier to just get a different browser, because you probably don't know what you have installed as a "Browser Helper ob<x>ject" (BHO)<br />
<br />
Do you remember calling me "Mr IT wannabe" once upon a time?<br />
I have helped thousands of idiots along the way, and I got paid well to do it.

If you turn off your BHO's in the IE options, you will see that the <br />
<br />
no right there is where i have to ask you to stop speaking computer speak and go for plain english

No, you are incorrect in your assumptions. <br />
People describe what they think is happening, not what is actually happening.<br />
If you turn off your BHO's in the IE options, you will see that the Ad-Aware popups will go away.<br />
<br />
Right here is where you usually say you don't know how to do that, <br />
yet you continue to complain.

i was supposed to take some link from a stanger who spent more time moking me than i ever did them- that makes a lot of sense <br />
<br />
and it doesn't change the fact that this (from what i can tel)l is an EP problem not a PC problem not an internet problem not a lack of protection problem <br />
<br />
I am far from the only one who says that the only place that have problems with ad bugs malware virues is EP <br />
<br />
don't belive me then read the stories in this group there is at least 1 a peice by the members sleepless and speechless (don't get mad at me i didn't pick their user names)

I told her a month ago that she had an Ad helper installed in her browser, and I told her how to fix it. She thought I was going to give a virus and mocked me for my efforts. She'll never stop with the noise making, and she'll never fix her problem. What gets me is that she keeps on complaining...

well first of all no one asked you to comment <br />
<br />
second of all your daughter is younger than me so of course she is a digital native that knows far more about computers than someone my age ever will and its wonderful that she was taught more computer things in school or had one at home <br />
<br />
i on the other hand got milimal use of computers at school used a fancy electirc typewriter to type my papers in highschool(because that is what was avaiable at home) and did not sart using the inteternet until i was a senior in highschool because the computer lab was a better place to be than second semester 7th hour study hall<br />
<br />
I did not get my first computer until college and it was not connected to the internet i am now only on my second computer and have only been connected to the internet sense 2007 <br />
<br />
and NO i will not download something (downloading and dial up don't mix anyway) that i don't know how to use that could make my computer less functional than it already is i could take it somewhwhere and pay to have somone do it for me if i could afford it but i can't and considering that the last people i took it to to simply change out virus and spyware software screwed it up i won't mess with it until i have to

well thats wonderful for you the thing is you aren't going to come to my house and uninstall what's here and install what you think needs to be <br />
<br />
i don't know how (i OWN a PC not to be confused with having a DEGREE in IT or computer information systems <br />
<br />
so your information does me exactly how much good?

to be clear these are not ads that take up the whole screen they are run of the mill pop ups you would usually find if your pop up blocker were turned off<br />
<br />
the thing is mine is tured on (both of them to be exact) and they still are poping up <br />
<br />
troubleshooter i don't want fire fox i have spent enough money on things what i want is this site to get a handle on its virus and glitch issues

We do not allow ads that take over the page and pop-up on their own. Our ad networks know this and assure us that these ads won't make it on our site. Unfortunately, they sometimes do. Once a member reports the ad, we can remove it immediately. We need either a screenshot of the page or the url of the page and a description of the ad in order to track and remove it.