Ok, I know you have heard this many times from both sides but: 1) I am still waiting for a serious library upgrade as my inbox is overflowing, 2) AOL has two features which I would like to see adopted on EP - an Address book so I don't have to pour back through 60 pages of EP to reply to someone and the ability to creatre/name your own buddylists/circles. I understand that there are many who just want ONE circle but I would like the ability to start another for any reason, say to separate the friends on this site who I regularly chat to as opposed to the ones who are just passing ships in the night.


PS - when you do start to work on an address book function, I would like it so that one sender isn't aware that I have sent a mass message. Unlike AOL I do want some privacy as oxymoronic as it may sound.

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Feb 27, 2010