Editng Q&A Titles Is Pure Misery

EP needs to change things to make it easy to edit a title question you enter on Q&A. It is so hard as things stand now, I can hardly ever do it without my blood pressure going through the ceiling. I am really fed up with it. This is surely one of the most popular parts of EP. I have found the same difficulty with editing titles on a blog entry. I just gave up on a question I was wanting to enter because this thing gave me so much trouble.

conceptualclarity conceptualclarity
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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Once you write a line that has a typo or two in the latter portion of the title you can't get at it to correct it. Correcting is easy in the add more detail line(s). But you just can't get at a typo in the latter part of the title line. You end up having to wipe out most of what you've written and start all over. Same in a blog entry title as I recall.<br />
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By the way, Arsineh, I appreciate you. Don't take personally the tone of the story. <br />
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I assume you'll read this, so I've been meaning to say the chronology on my answers is OK now. I'm not even sure I wasn't confused about it at some point, so I'm going to take down my earlier story in this group soon.

I'm sorry you're having trouble. If you can send more details to support@experienceproject.com we'll be happy to investigate. This maybe a bug.