"we Can't Solve Problems By Using The Same Kind Of Thinking We Used When We Created Them."



                                    The Peace Train


Hello EP ~ I would like to improve the Experience Project by offering this idea as a 


means of resolution on a daily basis for the users of EP.


Unlike the Q & A section of EP, which is becoming more a battleground for personal 


issues between members I suggest a similar forum , where members can air their 


grievances with other members and can get issue resolution in a democratic way , 


without the need for the constant bickering , the personal attacks which DO happen 


every day ~ without the formation of "cliques" and ( dare I say it ) cyber~gangs.


All these things are happening ~ if you choose to acknowledge them , then that is half 


the battle won. The idea of being able to resolve issues in a public forum is to enable 


both parties to see that what they do and how they conduct themselves , has a negative 


impact on the other members of the community , by making them aware of what the 


community thinks.


Tangible resolutions , besides blocking and flagging , ( which just don't work with 


certain people , it's been proven ) like being made to apologise , not just to the 


other party , but to the community as a whole, for absurd and childish behaviour, may 


prove to do more good and prevent escalation of conflicts.


With this in mind , I offer an example :


I have a conflict with xxxxx ~ I take my conlfict to the forum. They are given the 


opportunity to respond, within a time frame, and then the community is able to make 


it's views on the conflict known ~


instead of being able to vote for "best answer", or take sides,the community has best 






The core idea behind this , is to make people aware of the way their behaviour impacts 


on this community, their relationships with people in general, and the positive ways to 


step away from the shadows of conflict, towards peace.


Albert Einstein said it best ; 


"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the                                                                                                                          opposite direction."
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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Arsineh , I appreciate your comment , although I think you miss my point ; which is RESOLUTION ; and a vehicle by which to reach it , hence the title.<br />
<br />
The rest of you guys , especially you Wilmaaa , thanks for responding ~ I think YOU guys get the idea.<br />
(Reece , miss you my friend! xoxoxox)

Nice work Anj

We support the idea of members communicating openly to resolve issues though this is a private matter between members. A healthy dialog usually leads to good results, however personal attacks or other negative remarks towards members is not acceptable.