Mature Content Stop Sign

This is not the first time I have complained about the sign. Why do I have it? Also, some of my friends with nearly all of their experiences being sexual ones, DO NOT, repeat DO NOT have it on their profiles. Please, I beg you to go through all of my experiences, as I did the other night (which gave me a massive headache... Thanks for that...) and tell me what is setting this thing off. I assure you, there is nothing there. I have totally given up on PMing any admins because while they may or may not respond, it doesn't help because nothing is done about it. So much for priority support for EP Supporters... Someone needs to take this sign away immediately. I don't deserve it in the least!



DieselWolfcub DieselWolfcub
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thank you. I don't like to complain normally, but I figure that after attempting to rid myself of such a curse for months without any sort of success warranted a story here.

Sorry for the frustration. Adult/Mature experiences will trigger our adult filter and the icon will appear on your profile to inform members who have asked to be warned of mature/adult content. <br />
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No automatic filter is perfect. We're now reviewing your experience groups and will be removing the adult designation.

Harhar, sure Wilmaaa. Not sure why you decided to take that stab, but being a furry isn't the reason as evidenced by other furry profiles. <br />
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The reason is unclear, EPSupport has been providing zero answers despite PMs and emails, and if anyone were to look into either one of our profiles, I figure we'd be cleared.. go to any suspicious groups and check out other members, and they don't have this mature content warning like us. So yeah, if anyone could provide a serious and constructive answer, I'd be interested.

The only other furry that I know on this site who has one is wtfwolf. He doesn't deserve it either. Go look at the profiles of other furries such as CanisLupusArctos or MeisterWolf and you will see what I mean. They don't have this curse...