Headsup On A Doubleup

Two groups too alike;

I am Christian

I am a Christian


Unless there is a difference in percieving oneself to be 'a' christian (Perhaps one of many) or simply Christian.

What is the implication of the 'a'?

Thats my thought of the day.

smebro smebro
22-25, M
3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Thanks for sharing this post. We've merged these two groups.<br />
<br />
We do regularly merge groups that are nearly identical. In some cases a spelling error will cause two unique experience groups to be corrected, which we'll also merge.

Yeah, I've noticed that too---those 2 groups would be a good to merge. (I suggest having "I am A Christian" be the name of the merged group, instead of "I am Christian".) It was a little hard to decide which one to put in my top experiences, since they're pretty much the same; merging them into one group would be better.

Every now and then, EP will merge such groups into one group