Another Class Of Groups

There are groups where I have had a part in the comment discussions, but I did not wish to join the group because the title did not apply to me. The only way to follow the conversation is to watch the activities list and see when someone comments in the group (and these people have to be in my circle).

It would be nice if I could see a list of groups I have commented in (but haven't joined). I know there is the recent activities item to sort by comments, but if I do a lot of things, the one I may be wanting to follow can get pushed back several pages in the recent activities list, and I can lose track of it.

Another thought on this is a "Follow Group" list, where I can select a group to follow as if I had joined it. 

I realize that I could accomplish this if I would join the group in question, But some topics say "I..." and the description may not pertain to me, but I still want to comment on the experiences of others who have joined the group.

My $.02 

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I'll agree with that, "Favorites" may not be the most applicable term for some stories ;)

I just checked it out, and it is exactly what I was wishing for, good one!

Yes, thanks, I was unaware of that feature ;)

Have you tried the library feature on EP? If you want an easy way to access specific stories and the comments being made, choose to add the story as a 'favorite' The 'favorite' button is located on the left hand side of all story posts. This will then get saved in your library which you can access from your profile page. Does this help?