Show status icons for groups/stories/users

EP hasn't implemented an icon next to usernames showing your Circle/Fan/Friend status or an icon next to experiences showing your member/non-member status or an icon next to stories showing whether you've read them or not. Nor do they provide a way to list just those experiences a friend has found which you haven't joined yet (experiences NOT in common), or just those stories from a group or user which you haven't read yet.

So I've found a work-around. Load the Firefox "Link Status" extension. Now whenever you put your mouse over an experience or story or username/avatar the status bar will display a white star if you've visited it before, a yellow star if you've bookmarked it, and no star if that destination is new to you (i.e., is not in your history, however far back you've set that to).

It's not as useful as having status icons (I still want those!), but it does help you decide which group/story/user links you want to follow (or skip) before you click on them.

NewChrissy NewChrissy
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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Oh, and if you want EP to show the status icons, you can leave a comment saying so, or just rate up this story.

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