Good Idea, Questionable Execution.

Hey, I love this site, it provides a wonderful service but the visual design is so cluttered that it makes navigating unpleasant. I recommend reducing the amount of objects and menus in the content portion or at the very least collapsible content.

Rnunez Rnunez
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

While I haven't fully explored your sitemap, the home page and the profile page stand out. <br />
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The issue with the homepage is that you are perfectly fine until you scroll past the feature section of the main content. I don't understand why the featured groups, daily happens, questions and answers, confessions are where they are. They break the fluid and consistent nature of your main content and side bar set up that you use throughout the rest of the site. Why not include all that as a tab/s in the above feature content.<br />
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The issue with the profile is worse. It is cluttered with things that seem useless or irrelevant and worse is that I don't seem to have an option to reorganize things (albeit, I have not done as much to try and see if you have that option, but this makes for a good example of what an initial user is going to experience). Let me start with sidebar, I see no need for (or at least a need for it to be reassigned to somewhere less visible): More Stories (why is this not in the experience tab?), Questions for you (same as previous), EP Pets (this is either completely irrelevant or really important to the user so in either case it shouldn't be on the side), Share the love (This should be shown to the user as part of the intro screen when they sign up, then relegate it to an separate options menu), and Online Now (Unless you are showing me the members that are my friends or are in the groups that I subscribe to, this is completely unnecessary). The only thing I really want to see on the right side there are ads and suggestions to me.<br />
Now, on to the main section, the main content. From top to bottom: My Recent Circle Activity and My Recent Experience Group Activity show more activity than needed. At most the 3 or 4 most recent and then if people want to inquire more with the see more button, the How are you feeling along with Share My Thoughts... and the rest that are grouped together could be even more minimal as just a drop down menu and a text field, My Activity Summary/My Experiences & Interests/My Goals/ My Friends are fine where they are, My Gifts and everything below can be easily accessed by clicking on the links in the menu on the left side of the profile page and so they seem to have no place at the bottom.<br />
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I apologize for the long list of complaints and suggestions but I thought I should give a critical assessment of the layout.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion. We're always working to reduce clutter and improve navigation. Which page do you specifically find cluttered?