So I get it's in the 'adult' community, but it still appears in the new groups section

EP Link

Can we not flag the logos as nasty just because they're in the 'adult# section?

I choked on my coffee when I saw this.

MrsLalaninjacakes MrsLalaninjacakes
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Oh an harden ****. Crap. I think some people are abusing this site now.

Oh. Poo people are gross. I was just random selecting groups to join. I came across a lot of experiences of poo in their pants or panties or poo in public.

Yeah,the poo people are nasty!<br />
<br />
i got added by an *********** **** today

LOL. Well. I think they might be soft **** stars. I don't know. Maybe. Just a guess.

hehe yeah

boy. A lot of adults these day.

your welcome.

Hehe thanks

this is funny.



Nudity is not allowed on any public area of the site, regardless of whether to group is adult or not. To flag an adult image, click 'flag' and choose 'adult image' as the reason from the dropdown menu.

My actions exactly!

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!.... *goes for another look* OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!... ****..