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Ok since the Q&A section has gained in popularity, all I get on my activity is a bunch of gibberish about so and so answered so and so's question.  The heart of this site - the section that is worthy of monitoring - is the stories and they are being pushed off the screen as quick as they show up.

Please consider adding a filter or preferred activities selection ability to the Activity section of the Profile page.

Thanks for your dedicated, unrelenting desire to make EP the best it can be. It is nice to know that none of you would ever trade your integrity for a dollar.

fascad3 fascad3
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3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Great idea, this feature is available on facebook and I love it. I would think it would be rather easy to do.

WOW what a GREAT idea fascade!!! I'd LOVE a filter! It would attract more people to EP and it'd be more user friendly! :D Great suggestion!

Thanks for this suggestions. We're discussing this with our engineers to see what types of filters we maybe able to introduce in the future.