Peace Begins At Home

The first step to creating a world of harmony is to live in a world of harmony.

I grew up in the 70s when everyone said that "peace begins at home," but I was always frustrated that no one really knew how to take the slogan and apply it.

After several decades, I have seen how you can live in a world of turmoil and still experience a world of peace. You can rise above the confusion. If you see the good in others and ignore the bad, if you know how to always tap the best in others, if you know how to treat all opponents with love, then you emulate peace to the world.

When you emulate peace, you will find that other peace-emulators will gravitate toward you. They will spot you and you will spot them.

There are peace emulators throughout the world. War-hawk politicians and people who are afraid (and easily molded by war-hawk politicians) call them peace-niks and other derogatory terms.

Over time, however, peace emulators will be attracted to the right people at the right time. Peace emulators will make a difference.

Do everything you can to feel inner peace and start spreading it. I'm not talking superficial love-child slogans. Discover the wisdom of all the religions as they preach peace. Then act on it.

One group that I'm involved in that others can get involved in easily is Magnetic Freedom Global Communities, which you can access through my website. To listen to them talk, it may sound like a superficial lovefest. But as you listen closer, you realize that these people have captured the wisdom of the ages and can convey the key concepts through powerful slogans. They are truly working on changing the world. I'm actively involved, and several of my friends are too.

Take action. Discover other peace emulators and join them in their efforts.
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Hi Mitch, as to your question, how I "know" I have a spirit/soul: I really started thinking about this question when my oldest son came to the realization at age 5 or 6 that he would one day die, and he came to me sobbing and terrified. At first I didn't know what to say to him, then I reached down deep and realized that I really believed that it is 'only' the body that dies, that who we really are deep inside (my concept for the soul at the time) would live on. This is what I told my son, mainly to comfort him, but I started to realize I really did believe this. Then last year we had 3 cancer diagnoses in my family, and I really started thinking about this question. I started doing a lot of reading on the subject and 'soul searching' and, to make a very long story short, I had a series of experiences which led me to 'know', within myself, the 'Truth' of eternal existence. I hate to sound like a preacher, or anything, but these experiences were very personal and changed my whole way of viewing the world. That's my story, anyways. We each make our own stories as we travel through life. <br />
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That's kind of it in a nutshell. To be honest, this new view of the world is actually very new to me, and I am still trying to navigate my way around it. But talking about it and trying to explain it to others really helps me to solidify things. Thanks for the challenging questions - it keeps me digging deep.<br />
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All the best on your life's journey,<br />

Hi Mitch. You are right, there is no way any of us can "know" for sure that we are souls or spirits, that we continue on after life. In the same sense, there is no way that philosophers and atheists can "know" for sure that life is meaningless, that God or soul do not exist.<br />
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Myself I like the approach of Victor Frankl, the Jewish psychologist who wrote "Mans Search for Meaning," which described his experiences in a Nazi concentration camp. He had come up with this theory of logotherapy, had written his thesis. As the Nazis rounded up people his wife sewed this manuscript into his jacket. At the camp his clothes were taken away, his manuscript burned. He lost everything, and suffered tremendously.<br />
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Yet for him it was all a great test, for his theory, and afterwards he wrote that book, which has sold millions of copies. In a nutshell, his idea is that people need meaning in life, but this meaning will be different from person to person. If you have a solid meaning to what you do, everything becomes easier, life is purposeful, suffering decreases.<br />
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The meaning for each of our lives will be different. It is up to each of us to discover this, create it, choose our own path and purpose. Once you do that, life becomes deeper and more "meaningful." That's his theory anyway.<br />
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I realize the majority tend to share your views, but it is this very view that causes so much suffering, in my opinion. I can see I won't be able to soften your outlook, which is ok with me, we are each on our own journey. You are right - the 'me' that society has taught me I am will no longer exist when I die, but the soul of who I really am will continue. And in the meantime, I will do what I can to try and make the world a better place. I guess I am an eternal optimist, but it makes life so much more fun, and easier. It was nice chatting with you on this, though, Mitch, I can appreciate your point of view. I wish you all the best, <br />
Dee :)

No question about the 'evil' that has, and does occur. I am disillusioned by religion for this very reason. I don't believe most people are truly evil, though. I believe the vast majority are blinded by our identity with the material world. When people start to awaken to the fact that our true nature is spiritual, and so start to disidentify with material things, the problems, the evil that occurs, will start to dissolve. I know it sounds like I am wearing rose colored glasses... a year ago, I said the same thing as you! Now I have hope, can see another way, I guess. When you see yourself as a spiritual being, as everyone as One, it changes your perspective entirely. I'm not trying to convince you, just trying to make you aware of another perspective. Something to consider, perhaps? Wouldn't it be nice if I was on to something...

I don't disagree with you Mitch. And yet, I am still optomistic. My own perspective (and I could be wrong), is that evil as you describe it exists because of the way humans think. Jesus, Buddha and others tried to teach another way of thinking and behaving. People celebrate them, worship them, and yet still don't seem to "get" what they taught. Time is running out. A vocal minority or powerful majority will have to change their mental fr<x>ameworks, and hearts, if our children and grandchildren are going to have a fighting chance at peace, love and happiness.<br />
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Is the World a Mess Because of How People Think?<br />

I completely agree with you, NeoAwakens. When we can see the difference it makes to spread peace and love we feel the responsibility it brings. I know it seems an insurmountable task, Mitch, but it is difficult to see because it works at bit at a time, inch by inch, which doesn't seem enough to keep up with our world's exploding problems. But if enough of us 'waken to this, a difference we <i>can</i> make, I believe. Just as with any problem, if we each do our small part, the over all effect can be enormous.

Good thoughts, NeoAwakens. The world is caught up in a bit of a nightmare, has been for centuries. Hopefully one day a majority of folks will wake up. Until then, all we can do is seek to awaken ourselves, and help all those we can.<br />
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