She Finally Arrived

It's taken nearly 5 years for Wessley-Anne to finally come up to me for a proper rehab. "I need to save my life! I'm trying to save my life" was what she yelled at me five nights ago upon her arrival here in Tahoe. She looked as pale as the icy snow falling all around her as she shivered at the doorstep.

I had been waiting for this day a very long time. I'd written a book (Prehab) for her during one of her detox and rehabilitation stabs. The book was meant as a guide for her while I could not be in her physical presence. I wrote it almost as a mea culpa for the suffering my opiate addicted daughter had to endure daily. I wrote this book so that other parents of addicts or alcoholics wouldn't have to repeatedly feel what I repeatedly felt everytime Wessley had to return to a detox or rehab facility. And this parental guilt was compounded by the fact that I was supposed to be some award winning rehab counselor and yet I could not prevent my own daughter from falling prey to the dis-ease and sorrows addiction creates. So, I was hoping, praying-not as a counselor, but as a parent-that the words contained in my book could support and surround her in the still of so many dark nights ahead for her. But, addiction is a persistant and insideous bugger and had wound it's tenticles deeply around my talented and beautiful 26 year old daughter. My pride and joy crushed by drug demons that simply would not go away.

She was in no condition to read my book. Hell, she couldn't have read the back of a cereal box when she was deeply into it. And, she pushed away anyone who tried to help. But, finally, she's here.

We've been together for 5 days now and she hasn't bolted, though she's thought about it, yet. Her trust in me as a counselor seems to be the motivating factor in her return to me, not any particular parenting skills I may possess. WEss stated that she's "seen me help so many others..." Well, now maybe it's her turn.

Wess has been fairly successful in her attempts to stay clean, but yet another new boyfriend-one she thought she could assist in his efforts to stay clean- has gotten her re-involved with speed which ultimately led her back to her drug of choice, opiates. Her recent efforts to stay clean have greatly helped her detox and I have let her sleep off the drugs she has ingested over the past couple weeks (maybe more, who knows) and we have started quietly sitting in the hot yoga room, sweating, while I read her PREHAB.

She tells me she likes the book.

She still here.

This is all good.

PREHAB: The Essentials for Successful Change

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Mar 16, 2010