Interview With A Hobo

Hi TheLuckyHobo. Thank you for letting me interview you.
Hello thelonewood. Thank you for having me. :)

You’ve been a member at EP since 2009. How did you find this site?
Yes, it's been a long time.. my how time does fly when you're having so much fun! :)  I originally found Ep when I was googling certain fetishy things that I thought would distract me from the pain of loneliness and depression I was feeling.

And did it click right away or did you think the site uninteresting?
Once here I quickly started to explore outside the first groups I found.. and I found that the site had much more to it than that, and there were people here I could really relate to a lot. ForeverAutumn was the profile I found that made me see that Ep was the place for me to find like-minded people. So she is the reason I stayed and made an account. :)

Why the username 'TheLuckyHobo'?
My first username was BaskitCase, after the song by Greenday; but I started to think it was too negative. I had a few other usernames before settling on TheLuckyHobo. I have been homeless for more than half my adult years. I've suffered from this chronic homelessness due to not wanting to be a burden on anyone or ask for help, and because of the depresion I had, which was caused in part by loneliness. Ep has given me a family and great friends who have helped turn my life around. I am so lucky to have my friends and EP family, so the "lucky" refers to them. =)

Who are your closest friends on EP?
Closest how? Talk to most, or trust and confide in most? Well, I guess they are all my top friends on my profile. My girlfriend KikuHikari. My daughter XxSilentPunkxX. My real life bff Lunawolff. My long time EPdaughter UndefinedLabellessStrangeChick. My EPsis Callmecammille, and my newest EPsis itsyou24. I still have a lot of love for my older EPfriends and crushes who I don't get to talk to so much now.

What is your most memorable moment on EP?
It probably wasn't so much on EP as just off to the side of it on instant messaging but with an Ep friend. I helped a teen talk to her parents about a serious problem, and that changed me. Made me feel I could do something worthwhile.

You said you like to travel. What places have you been to?
I mostly just cycle the local area (the north of Wales).I like the Llyn peninsula, the Snowdonia national park, Isle of Anglesey.. just little local places. :) I would very much like to go a lottt further afield. I'm dreaming up plans for a sailing trip to the U.S.A. for this coming winter.

You love the woods, sunrises and sunsets, you love moonlights, campfires, waterfalls, autumn leaves...I won’t argue with you when you say you’re a hopeless romantic. (smiles) Would you stand in the rain for the one you love?
Yes I do love all those things, lol. and I admit I am a romantic. :)  Oh, yes I'd do more than just stand in the rain. I'm planning to cross the Atlantic in a tiny boat, so I think my romanticism and craziness is well proven. XD

But you also have a ‘darker side’ with the metal music and stuff. What bands do you listen to right now?
Well everyone has a darker side, don't they? At the moment I mostly listen to uplifting contemporary electronic music. I love that tune "Kill Everybody" by Skrillex, also "Blood Red" by Feed Me, "Breathe In Scream Out" by Spor .. you know, uplifting stuff like that. :) I'd say Feed Me is my favourite artist at the moment. :)

Describe the person you gave your heart to.
She's caring and compassionate, honest and trustworthy, modest and kinda shy. She's sweet and affectionate. She's smart, sexy, cute as a button, very very pretty, and above all she's a great friend. :)

What line would a person have to say to convince you once and for all you are meant to be together?
Well I probably shouldn't give that away cuz then anyone could say it lol. Ok well just between you and me.. it's: "You're my best friend" or "I trust you".

Okay, this one got me surprised. You hate Valentine’s Day! Why?
I was always alone and unloved on Valentine's day and it was one of the loneliest days of the year.. probably the lonliest after New year's eve. I have always single on Valentines day, every year. Except this year, my first year that I've had someone who loves me in a romantic way on Valentine's day. Though we were still thousands of miles apart, it still counts. :)

It’s in your profile that you said you can’t resist a damsel in distress. Would it be alright if you could give us one instance?
Yeah okay.. Fake kids in serious trouble like Crystalbb12, contacting me on EP asking for help, plying on my sympathies and getting me into an awful mental state, only for me to find out or realise later on that they're a fake, lying sicko.
Also genuine ppl in need of a friend.. I just love to help, it kinda helps me too by giving me a bit of self esteem. I'd cross mountains through thick snow and blizzards and howling winds pushing a bike with a broken wheel, or sleep in derelict farm buildings with no roof, floor or windows.. or in a woods under an ice-coated tent in tempertures down to minus 16 celcius, whilst expecting at any moment to be shot by her father lol, to help a damsel in distress. ;)  I know, I'm a crazy hobo. XD

You said you are not a party person but you like parties. How does that play out?
I said I like parties? lol, I don't remember why I said that. I'm always just silent in large groups of people. I can talk to one or two people at most and once there's a bunch or people who I don't know then I feel intimidated and shy.. then I get embarrassed, and I think everyone's noticing how unsociable I am. I hate being shy, it sucks balls.

What is the longest time you’ve stayed at a party?
A few days I guess.. when I have been sleeping over at a friend's place and they've had friends over and it turned into a party that I've been trapped at, perhaps around Christmas.

I see you have tried skinny-dipping. What was it like?
Cold. lol. Also my mate's sister tried to steal my clothes so that was embarrassing but also a thrill in a way, lol. I've done it alone too, and it was just the same as swimming with trunks on. When I was about 12 or 13 I used to sometimes sneak into a neighbour's pool at night and swim naked, just for a thrill.. it was a good adrenaline rush, but I'm glad I didn't get caught!

Ah...anime. I’m an anime fan myself. Have you been to cosplays?
No, never done any kind of cosplay thing.. I kinda think that's taking it a bit too far, lol. I like watchinggg anime movies and I like lookinggg at adorable anime style artwork, and that's it.

You seem to be a professional artist. How many paintings have you sold so far in your life and can we have a discount if we say ‘EP’?
I seeeeem to be? lol. I am! I have no idea how many I have sold. Not many. I'm an unsuccessful artist. I hope I'll get more success in future. And.. nope, no discounts for anyone, lol. sorry.. My very closest friends get artworks as gifts sometimes.
If you were offered to live in another country right now, where would you go?
U.S.A. to be able to visit my girlfriend and my e-dopted daughter.. but I'd like to settle in the Phillipines one day.. or New Zealand. Gah, it's too hard to choose!

What’s the last movie you saw and how did you find it?
Rambo (2008 version), it had a ridiculous little story, awful acting, a couple of lame C.G. effects and loadss of epic blood and gore effects. I loved it!

Okay, hot seat question. You may or may not answer. Give us your body stats. (grin)
What is a body stats? Are you asking if I'm fat? Yes I am fat. lol. Too much EP for the last three years!!

Any tips for new EPeers?
Yeah.  they're called Epeeps, it sounds better. XP lol. Try exploring OUTSIDE the fetish groups cuz there's some good stuff on here. Try not to overuse the site cuz you'll get fat and lazy and smelly like me, lol. Beware of fakes. Try not to be shy. Leave some encouraging comments if you can, and don't ignore the under 18s.

Okay, that's it. I had fun crafting this interview and thank you so much for your time. :)
Thanks for interviewing me thelonewood, I enjoyed it too. Though some of the questions were a bit lame. ;P

~thelonewood    &   ~Hobo
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lol Yeah, some of the questions were indeed lame but I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. :)

I was only kidding about that. Okay, semi-kidding, lol. ;) Thank you for interviewing me. xx

Haha I know... :D