Brandonphantom's Interview

Hi BrandonPhantom. Thank you for letting me interview you. I know a few of the following questions have been posted in your profile but allow me to ask again in this interview. You’ve been a member at EP since September 28, 2012. How did you find this site?

I searched on google i need someone talk to and i saw this website where i wrote down what was going on n i need someone

And did it click right away or did you think the site uninteresting?

When someone relpyed to my story me n her became friends then bf n gf but we are just good friends now.

Why ‘BrandonPhantom’? What other profile names did you consider?
I choose it because i am treated like phantom.i used to be emoteen16

You said you want to live in the world of Fairy Tail. What is this Fairy Tail you are referring to?

Fairy tail the anime its world with magic and guilds.

You’ve been feeling down recently. Why is that?

I only tell my close friends reasons why.

You love exploring museums. What captivates you regarding museums?

i guess the los almos laboratory one.

If you can eat only one kind of food for the entire year, what would it be?

Fried Rice with meat and soy sauce in it.

You said at one time that you wanted to run away. Do you still feel the same way?

I still feel same way

What is the greatest misconception people have about you as BrandonPhantom?

Nothing really

If you can travel back in time, what would you change?


You said you have weird dreams. Could you please share us one instance?

I cant remember them that well

What do you usually do late at night?

Listen to music and play my xbox 360

What’s your favorite anime?

Sword art online and fairy tail

What is your most memorable moment on EP?

When my best friend made me feel like myself agian

Could you please describe to us your perfect wedding?

any weeding

Why do you keep your EP account a secret?

i dont i think

Describe your perfect love.

someone who understands and loves you for you

What gift do you want to receive this Christmas?

The game dragons dogma

How do you see yourself in ten years?

dead or still going

What’s the last movie you saw and how did you find it?

i watched the movie green mile on amc

Any tips for new EPeeps?

make friends on here

That's all the questions I have. Thank you so much for your time. :)

Check out BrandonPhantom here:
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Dec 10, 2012