Im Milan

Hi, I'm milan.
I'm black, native American (Cherokee), and Irish. I live in buffalo, ny but one day, hopefully, I'll move to new York city. I want to be a entertainer and a journalist. I love writing. I like hearing other peoples experiences and writing about them sometimes in poems and songs. I also like drawing and I'm starting to get into modeling. don't know how to describe my self, i feel uncomfortable talking about or describing myself like I'm not me. Its awkward.

well, that's about it, bye:)
MissMilan MissMilan
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2013

Awesome! What do you draw? I like drawing too...I've modeled b4 and enjoy writing poetry and random stories on here :) Welcome to EP.

I like drawing portraits, human features, and thanks for the welcome :D

I LOVE drawing animals, I can draw portraits but haven't in a long time, these days Im drawing naked bodies in different posses...