Hey hey! I'm Mel Sharee! I'm 21 years old. I'm from Anaheim, California. I'm a bartender at BDubs and I just recently graduated from college, thankfully! I'll be starting med school in the fall. My birthday is July 11. I don't have any siblings or living relatives. Most of my relatives are in Ireland and probably have no idea I even exist! I was raised in foster care and tho I've had a pretty horrible past, I don't let it bother me that much. Why?? Because I have a lot of friends and they're basically like family and that's all I need ツ

I'm really nice and sweet. Very open, accepting, and understanding. I love, love, LOVE junk food and energy drinks! I also love to travel! I have two dogs named Sammie and Cody, a dove named Cotton, and two tree frogs named Booger and Tessa. I love skateboarding and playing video games! I love Post-Hardcore/Metalcore and Alternative rock. I'm friends with all differnt types of people, I don't judge, so if you ever need a friend or just someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on or you wanna know anything about me, hit me up! <33
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You can make it! My daughter is getting a her doctoral as a Np and her husband is in his first year of residency.... Good Luck...

One note on your post here... I think you are posting to much information... someone can find you with the amount of information you posted.. I would recommend you delete this post... Just some fatherly advice....

good luck, I hope that you make it. You seem to have overcome a great deal.

I graduated from medical school a long time ago, it is hard work.

nice to meet you Mel Sharee..

Good luck with Med School.

heya happy to talk add me :)

Hi take it easy out there ,

Med school? Meaniiingggg possibly medical cannabis? :)

I wish haha

Would love to know you would you consider adding me?

a nice personality you have :)

well I am freezing my butt off on the east coast send some warm air. Congrats on moving ever foward to making a difference and being that classy, beautiful, smart, strong girl I know you are. I wish you all the best. Hey myself having to be a survivor is what made me a strong, confident, and a leader of my life. I will be talking with you.

sweet tragedy...

my B.Day is also on the 11th of July :)

Welcome if you're new. Anaheim, I know that place really well.

Thanks, I'm not tho. Even tho it says I joined a year ago, I've actually been a member here for almost 2 years

I live in Fullerton by the way, so we're basically neighbors.


I would sincerely hope that with no living relatives, the dead ones wouldn't know about you. Then again, you are a med student. Maybe you've found the secret to Frankenstein's monster. Lol. You seem like a pretty cool chick. Good luck with school and have a great week!

will you be my friend you sound like an awesome person :)

Hi Sharee

That's my middle name

Welcome. Med school at UCLA? What you thinking of for specialty?

Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics

would love to know you, would you consider adding me?

Hi there my name is SACH,
cool and fun,
studying actor from the UK,
please befriend me,
I entertain with intent,
feel free to view my profile and stories beforehand
to get a fun feel


You have great taste in music. :D

Thanks =D

Best wishes for you in Med School. Your profile suggests that you have what it takes to make it.

You seem pretty cool. I would love to get to know you.

congrats on your achievements and hard work.... I am sure you will improve our world with your work in medicine :0)

hugs if you need a friend just a keystroke away

Thank you =)

You sound like a real and nice person would love to chat sometime


Your welcome

You sound like a really awesome person

Thank you



You've got tree frogs, that's awesome! What video games of you play?

I play video games like COD, Halo, GTA, Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed, Need For Speed, God of War, Madden, NHL, BioShock, Far Cry, Skyrim, Devil May Cry, Sims, Minecraft, etc. etc.

I just got the xbox one and have played the new COD Ghosts whenever I have time. Halo is my all time favorite xbox game.

I love video games. Like, I still have all of my old games and systems from the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. I can't sell them or anything, cause they mean way too much to me

I miss playing some of the older video games:( I wish I had some of my older game systems. I think it's pretty hot that you play video games by the way. So many women I know look down on guys who play. I think everything in moderation is acceptable.

I say as long as you have a job, no one should tell you how to spend your money or what to spend it on or how you use up the rest of your time. Some people just need to learn to let loose and have fun

I work hard and I play hard. Life's to short.

My motto: Work hard, play harder

By the way. What's the story behind your screen name,"abittersweettragedy"?

Life is bittersweet, you have your good days and your bad, happy and the sad...and a tragedy is a play with a tragic theme where the hero struggles and eventually falls...like life. We all struggle with it and we try to help others along the way, but eventually we all must reap what we sow...so there ya go, a bittersweet tragedy

Gotcha, you put a lot of thought into your name.

I just knew it fit really well with me

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Lovely introduction!
It must be something to know you in person.

Thank you!

My pleasure!