JSB Is Grand...Don't Call Him a Dang Cowboy!

EDIT: April 2010 - "The Star-Crossed Sessions" and "Sunsets and Cigarettes" available at the following two web addresses (and ITunes, if that's your thang)! He's still a big sexy STAR. I'm campaigning for him to come Down Under now. :))





I love this man. James Scott Bullard (JSB) and I met on the phenomenon that is MySpace. A friend that I was in desperate unrequited love with was a fan of his. What a time that was *sigh* We became quite solid buddies and his voice soothes my lonely nights. If you have a cold he recommends whiskey and hot tea as a cure and he loves his son "Little Honky Tonk" (not his real name), very much. He has the heart and soul of a giant and the voice of a kick-*** dirty angel. He likes to collect handguns, tall tales and smiles from good women.

Here's his myspace 'About Me' section:

" As the legend goes, James Scott Bullard was conceived in a Nashville motel.
Born and raised in South Carolina, with a family tree that twisted and forked in two directions.
On one side of said tree-Well educated people, school teachers, farmers, and homemakers...
but on the other side of that tree: Backwoods gun-toting moonshiners, prize fighters, and hardened prisoners.
(In fact there’s even a story that JSB’s dad learned to play guitar from an old bluesman who used to jump the train to buy moonshine from JSB’s grandfather.)
Our dear JSB was bred on the sounds of Waylon, Willie, Kristofferson, Cash, and Jones.
Then as a teen he went on to discover Punk and Metal and like every other teenage high-school misfit, he started a band, a band that went on to become known as one of the top 5 acts in the entire southeast, but like these stories often go, the band parted ways leaving our poor Mr. Bullard out in a career rainstorm…However, an odd thing happened…One day there was a girl, a beautiful heartbreaker who turned him onto a guy named Gram Parsons: the guy who had the vision and the balls to put the rock and the country in one place...the rest is, well, see for yourself…

*Oh, and to go ahead and answer any of the following questions you may feel the need to yell out at his shows in advance:
1.) No, he won't play that song!
2.) No, you can't have his belt, boots, jacket, bracelet, or whatever else you just asked him for!
3.) No, he won't play at your sisters wedding!
4.) Yes, his hair does that all on it's own!
5.) Yes, he will sign that for you!
6.) Yes, he would love to take a picture with you!
And finally...
7.) Yes, he will make out with you after the show! ;)"

Today, after much anticipation, I finally got his debut "Avenues of Sunshine" and the new gem "Same Old Ghosts" in the mail. Signed and sealed by the sweetheart himself...go check him out and tell him MzMaihem from Down Under sent you! My reviews coming soon, message me for the web address.



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If i ever get past a moderate guitar pla<x>yer you might be able to see me play.

this is a great story girl. i know exactly who he is-thanks!

He's got a gun. Nice.

If you like him I will have to check him out! I rather like the boys more before they're famous and all jaded...

Well, I don't like NFL but want to go to an MLB game of either the Angels or Braves with men from said team's hometowns. *wink*<br />
JSB isn't famous but he sure is adored!

Awesome post girlee!!! Just as we have talked about many nights- musicians, NFL and MLB pla<x>yers are all just men like any other after they step off that stage and field. Most of the time they are looking to be treated just like you would treat anyone else. They respect you more if you don't kiss a$$. I may post my story. Let me talk to my boys first.