Are You Ready To Rock????????

This story is Dedicated to ALL my Nebby, getting in my face trying to save what dosen't need saving  pain in the arse Neighbors!

I'll add more after I drive onto the scene (miss Giggles am I on your block yet?)

Que Music


As I turn the corner I can see.... what is that..? a road block? I must be in the right place. slow WAY down, wind down the window crank up the stero to 100
(YES mine goes to 100 and it is crystal CLEAR) and hit the track button on the cd

The neighbors WILL know I'm commin


Oh I think I see them now. it must be them (the puddle at their feet gives them away) They already think I am Evil... ok FINE. now they are geting an eyefull. serves em right for having a stick so far up their arse it caused them brain damage!!!  Time to teach a lesson in "thou shall not judge!"

I give them a  "toodle" wave and smile as my car creeps past.  Oh hey... I think I see Miss Giggles .....

YUp that must be her standing there next to the older woman who is flipping off the house across the street.

I park my car and step out. Offerings in hand.   "I BROUGHT PRESIES!!!!!!"
I hand off my goodies to the very tall gent holding the cam corder.

Thought I would dress for the ocasion...

Oh wait I'll show ya the back... * spins around to show Miss Giggles*

you like?

Oh My Gods... AF they are playing our song!!

*grabbs AF by the hand and hands her a sword* lets show them how it is done!!!


What do you mean no candy for Cheeky....?   *makes sad face*

CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
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I know I was a bad girl HAHAHA

TAHAHAHA...Trooper's home.....I GOT candy!!!!!!!! I love it...perfect song for the firefighting men who have saved us from destruction! Omg, I'm still laughing over the news at 11!!!!! Cheeky, shame causing CHAOS!!!!


Omg, you two are making my face hurt from laughing!<br />
<br />
Cheeky! I love the new video...THANK me up dancing...I WANT CANDY!

That is 3.. ok it's that new math.... But... ok.... You better hope TS didn't have any of those pickle in a bag on his way there while your back there :P

Sharzies??? WHAAAAT??? ... oh all right! One for you and two for me, two for you and three for me... yes, that works out right! Hey did you know I'm an honorary firepeople? OH YEZZZZZZ, I got to blow the horn and everything! Hmm... my Fuffy Thug does NOT look pleased at the way I divy up candy..... **runs and hides behind TS** omg... HE'S NOT WEARING PANTS !! **falls down laughing**

hey what happened to "sharzies" !!!!!!! <br />
<br />
is it getting hot in here or WHAT!!!

Hahahah, HEY those are MY hunky firemen.... you go get your own.... uh-oh...never mind, I see that tall dude with the video camera lurking behind me. **drops extinguisher and runs**


*makes frownie face and drops her arm just as she is about to pinch a frirecheek (hehe) *<br />
<br />
Oooooo Kaaay.... *kicks dirt and waves at fireman<br />
<br />
Que the music!!!

cheeks<br />
<br />
I'll admit that I got lost for a moment with the swords. you may be a geeka but your choice of videos is quite nice.

Oh Miss Cheeky.... YES AND YES... I'm ready, got my sword and my fire batons... we will heat up that neighborhood. Can you picture it? I've seen these people... they really do look like that painting of the farmer and his stone faced wife!!!! WOOOO they won't believe their eyes. ... Firemen??? CHEEKY! Put the candy down and get back to dancing!

weee Hunkie Firemen...... EYECANDY........ thank you Miss Giggles.... I loves me some candy LOL :P

OMG I LOVVVVVE IT.... I've seen AF do her sword dance....IT'S FREAKIN HOT. You two would set the neighborhood on fire! **speed dials hunky firemen**

**slips into room fan dancing and....** :O OH LOOK ... Trooper Obvious is here!!! **stands next to Cheeky and SALUTES** woweeeee, you really are on the ball today! Teehee, I will cut you some slack since you were laughing so hard you almost broke something.... eeew, hope it wasn't any IMPORTANT parts **skips away humming Brown Sug Sug Sugar!!!!!**

nope I don't think you will. <br />
<br />

hmm.... Trooper Obvious strikes again..... omg, I'm laughing too hard, Giggles will crack up when she sees this and I will never live it down.

hehe I think she might have figured it out on her own.... the pics are already in t-shirt form :P


ya know..... you really CAN order those shirts on line HAHAHA

LOL, mooning people? Omg, that would kill old Harriet and her shriveled up husband !! And NO Giggles and SC don't need that t-shirt!!! This is NOT the place to wear it... but it IS funny :) Ok, I'm reading these in order... I may need resuscitation before I get through them all....

I just had to say..... I WANT THAT SHIRT! "a taste of religion".... of course, if I wore that here I'd better be a fast runner!! Gotta go see you arrive.....

haha OMG I KNOW!!!! WPB was laughing earlier when I read some of it to him. I can not wait for him to read more LOL

......Hahahahahaha.......omg, I'm falling off my bed and tangled up on my mouse wire!!! we really should stop all this silliness.....OH BUT I CAN'T!!! I'm having waaaay too much fun! The tall gent is going to spit his coffee clear across the room when he sees this!

*smiles*<br />
<br />
*and moons the neighbors as I bow to my gracious hosts*<br />
<br />
I wore this mini skirt and thigh high boots for a reason :P

Omg, omg, omg, I LOVE PRESIES!! The shirt is fantastic!!!! Oh now I just don't know which one I want more! Perhaps I will have to have TWO shirts made! I am howling!!!!!!!!!!<br />
Lol, yes the tall gent will take all the video tonight! SMILE your on candid camera =D

I like your updated version! What's this about Trpr being slimed? .... sounds like Miss Cheeky is living up to her name again, lol.

lol :D

OMG I LOVE IT!!! Yep, I think it's time to do a little "stick surgery". Lol, I love the "toodle" wave! **rolling across the bed laughing waaaay too hard**

haha<br />

Innocent my.... well you know the rest! lol

ROF.... HAHA you got SLIMED !!!! (CLEAN UP PLEASE!!!) <br />
<br />
me..??. *tries to look innocent* well gosh golly no... how would I know about that....? *tries to look astonished*<br />
<br />
Ok I am still laughing about it...... HAHAHAHAHA

This is great ;) I've been told to get my Harley out and polish her up cause I have to take video of this tour. Hmm... first I'd better wipe this hamster dribble off my face! lol, yes, Giggles was very amused this wouldn't know anything about that though, would you? lmbo Carry on, my neighborhood will never be the same after you all get through.

Yeah. the perve!!!! He is the peeping Tom yet she is mad at you! GAA yeah I think the tour should be expanded!!!

Tahaha, Missy, I was just telling Miss Cheeky about your "neighbor".... dude is too rude and his wife is the limit!! <br />
<br />
OMG IT'S JUDAS PRIEST!!!!!! WooHoo, somebody get me my leather boots and honorary Brooklyn Chick jacket!!!!!!!! I love this song...EXCELLENT! <br />
<br />
Not here yet but you'll know the street when you see it.... I got all my Super Trooper StudMuffin friends to block off both ends so my cretin neighbors can't jump in their car and sneak out and nobody I don't approve of can get in!! Muahahaha, it is good to know the law! I'll be waaaaiiiitttttinnnggggg!

Lol, now you have me listening to Judas Priest and I'm allll revvved up.... I think I'll hop in my car, put in a little "Livin' After Midnight" and see cruise up to Miss Giggles neighborhood, too! I'm posting it now... see you there!

OH YOU BET!!! head bangin music!! I can't stand my neighbor...dude has binoculars and he likes watching more than just the birdies in the woods!!! OOHHH we HAVE to drive up and give his butt a good scare along with his wife who blames everyone but her husband for his pervy ways! I LOVE JUDAS PRIEST!!!!!! OMG I can see you coming down the street in that fast Cougar just rockin it... lmbo... KUDOS on the choice of music ;)