I really want to try a *********. casual is ok. just something I HAVE to mark off my bucket list? would rather do it with complete (clean) strangers that I won't ever have to see again, so I can completely let go and be free to live out my fantasy as wildly as possible, without the risk of awkward run ins or any future drama.
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how we communicate?

Me and my gf are looking for someone

can you join us? Im looking for nice couples with my GF

How old is your gf


DM me to talk a little more about it and swap a few pictures

message me

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I've had two **********, one with two girls and the other With my friend and his wife. They aren't as awkward as you might think unless you're extremely insecure. It's a good idea tho, I can't wait till my next *********!


can u join us