What Is Clickbank?

That's where all the spammers come from and goes to attack EP lol no not really but I do know why and what they're doing is wrong, first of all those spammers on here are here to get paid by referrals from any of their blogs, which means they don't have the experience or afford to build their own website to promote such as adds and retarded offers, the only way they can do this and make money is by going to Social Websites, unless they have connected with different ads that are low rated by staffs.

but I learn this as I was following along with clickbank user guides and videos that they've seen Idiots post links on social websites.

anyways I wanted to learn so much about clickbank before I even register that I want to have a relationship or a Mentor who are experience with Clickbank, I have been looking for websites that will pay by surveys or other Methods by do i really wanna waste my time making low points 0.20 to 3 bucks per survey? no I don't wanna do long surveys just to waste my time. 

I want to make real money and big, starting off small on clickbank.com, that's where the big deal comes in.
NoLifeOnEP NoLifeOnEP
22-25, M
May 14, 2012