Enlisting Soon... I Hope

I am an Army ROTC cadet at school. Unfortunately, contracting for new cadets has been frozen except in special cases. So I'm taking time off and I want to enlist. I scored a 92 ASVAB, but my weight is no good. I can't pass a PT test yet, and I need to lose about 50 pounds. (I'm so short according to army standards I should weigh barely 100lbs -.-) I run with my fiance every day, and he has been pushing me to my limits and beyond. I'm lucky to have him train me because he's been through all of this. I want to leave in November, but I can't even sign up yet. 15 more pounds and I can pass the tape test... these 15 have been so hard... but I know it can be done! But to everyone here, good luck in your personal endeavors with the army!

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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Wow that's amazing, I'm the opposite, I'm in Navy unit at my school, and I'm like 5' 6" and 116, and can barley pass a P.F.T. (physical fitness test) so i will have to work a lot

Good luck...Im short too and should also weigh about 100 so i kinda relate to you there. My husband is in the army and he was very out of shape and about 20lbs overweight but he made it..he only passed the running part of test when he was half way through with ait and that sucked bc it put him on red stat so he couldnt leave base...but good luck to you!