Flaws Are The Perfect Reflection Of Us

Humans are born perfect in the sense of mortality, innocence, the mind, and the heart until we are corrupted by the sanity and negativity that surrounds us.

As the body evolves during the stages of birth and converge of the entirety, problems can develop physically and mentally but that doesn't make anyone less perfect than they already are.

Flaws are included when people utilize opinionated fire to blast at their appeal within the mind's eye of what is suitable to their satisfaction and "eye candy", if that person has an affliction which beacons as an eye sore or not capable of looking towards for a few seconds without the grimacing reaction, then they will be rejected otherwise.

Human beings are flawed due to the society of this realm we deem earth, flaws are opinionated, they don't or ever exist because they were fabricated by the hatred and apathy of man, incapable of accepting people for who they are, if humanity learned to accept and appreciate who and what people were, we wouldn't have demographics, sexuality, racism, judgmental mentalities, and so many more that restrict us to believing we need those terminologies to fit into this world.

People are born perfect, and always were perfect they just cannot accept their entirety as WHO they are, their bodies and minds don't matter, only your heart because that is the catalyst of change, emotion, hope, guidance and purity, mankind has forgotten that love is the tool to embrace people and succeed a wondrous utopia that is now but a dream.

Overall perfection isn't arrogance, but a way of accepting who you are as a human being, who you believe yourself to be and what lies within your heart.

That is perfection in our imperfect flaw that the world shunned in predisposed contingency.
Lushiro Lushiro
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Very nice, I often found the flaws of a person to be what made them more attractive. But I dont share the point of view most ppl do about beauty.


What inspired you to post this?

God usually inspires me, sends stuff to my mind to write...and articles like this come into creation.

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing xx


your way with words lush just blows me over every time i read one of your stories.

lol I'm flattered :P Thank you. :)

that was beautiful.... i am impressed with your word's. would like to join my circle. you see i am somewhat of an empath. an empath is someone who can sense phyisical and emotional responses from people. you seem to think spiritualy and that i like, anyway say hello.

I am an empath as well...a powerful one at that... o.o
I cannot take anymore people into my circle though, its reached its max capacity of people I take in, thanks for the offer and post though!

You're an old soul, "People are born perfect, and always were perfect they just cannot accept their entirety as WHO they are..." Thanks for sharing.

There's no power in perfection without creating imperfections. It isn't pefection most seek, but power.

Which is why the world is crumbling the way it is now.

Soul, is.like a flower that unfolds. When completely open to Universal Spirit it absorbs the light without being altered by mind. It is the imperfections found in mind that create an outwardly flow of mind stuff as mind associates with opposites. In reality...there is no opposites...no perfection as that is only a perception as well. You could say... It is what it IS. You either accept it or you don't. The world isn't falling apart. No more than a chicken is falling apart when the egg shell crumbles and he is now free from it. You either accept it or you don't. Mind, has no power of its own. It is Spirit that activates it. Mind, is machine like. A sheath of energy that surrounds Soul...like the peddles of a flower. Mind, associates with opposites. Since, there is no opposites outside of mind...All is what it IS in its perfect State.

All is in its rightful place...that is what makes it perfect. This is the perfect State, we unfold from. You are Soul a Unit of Awareness that is constantly unfolding. It is this new State that sees the old as imperfect. Although, it was past good or bad experiences that brought forth unfoldment, and therfore...all is good or perfect. As Soul we have the God Knowledge within. It is the imperfection of mind to look outside for answers that can only be found by going within. This is the imperfection we're experiencing now. But, it too...well somday come to past and see it too was needed for the unfoldment of Soul.

well said..embracing the imperfections takes us closer to being perfect. Some dreams are yet to be realized..


Well said Lush!!!!! :)))))


I believe humans are born with several inherent flaws not due to external influence, such as pride, greed, and what have you, but I appreciate your views

Thank you for your insight. That is very true. ^_^