I have been diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera, the inherited kind, for about 2 and a half yrs. I've never considered it as cancer, because I've heard some people live 30 yrs or more with the disease. But, when searching online, it's listed as cancer. I believe it turns to cancer when the high red count turns to a high white count. To me, that makes more sense than calling it cancer . I'd like to hear what other patients think.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

I have had polycythemia Vera about 18 years...that I know of, probably more like 21-25 all total. They thought it was fibromyalgia at first. I teach physiology and anatomy at the high school level. My book also calls it a cancer. I mentioned it to my doctor who said "stop reading those books"! HMMM, that helps. Actually I have cancer insurance...have not tried to use it...things appear to be gearing up in the past 5 months, enlarged spleen etc, I may check on the cancer insurance after all.