This Is Real!!!

erm... i dont want to make a big deal of this or anything but i needed to tell sumone! i... can phase through objects even ppl n it realy scared my best friend but then he told me tht it dunt matter n tht he wont tell noone which proves he is my best friend but... it tends to scare me often. i first discovered it about a month ago when i was going to his house i was lookin down thinkin bout sum things then i looked up jus as i was phasin through a lampost. at first i thought it was my imagination so i went to touch the lampost n my hand went straight through it. it realy freaked me out, n i cant realy control it, so i know this might sound like a stupid question but... i was wunderin if anyone had any ideas on how i could try to control it? i dont want to be put in a hospital n experimented on or anything so i could do with your ideas. please!
kindacoolbutscarey kindacoolbutscarey
May 25, 2012