I Think It May

I don’t know if love conquers all but I know many things it does conquer. Love conquers fear; since I met you all my fears have disappeared.  Love conquers hate; I used to hate the thought of getting older but somehow it doesn’t seem so bad getting older with you by my side. Love conquers sadness; I am no longer sad and longing to be complete.  I can’t say for certain that love conquers all but I do know that with your love I feel there is nothing we can’t conquer together.

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I love you too Blue and you know as well as I do that I have been terrified to love or to let anyone even get close to penetrating that wall I built around my heart. <br />
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Awww Carrie. I am so happy for you.

I have found out over the past year that everything you said is so true!

Well I promise I never fell in love with someone I thought was the wrong person, girlfriend.<br />
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I think it's best if I stick to loving my kids, my Mom, and my extraordinary friends, such as yourself ;)

LOL that is a good point. It will tear you up if it is not with the right person. I have been there myself.

I believe that love conquers all. It sure did kick my *** more than once in my life! lol


LOL. . he did and laughed about it because he is an adorable youngster.

i see

Young people that do not know what love is yet lol. . .

old people..

LOL hehe! I am so Southern. You will enjoy it lol.

I will ping you just before and we will celebrate together lol.

I am actually looking forward to it. I wish I could share it with ya. it would be a hoot.

Oh noooooooo! I am taking that day off and I think we may be staying in bed all day or I might just take off to the beach. I know lot of sex will be happening that day though lol.

LMAO.. I was just doing that with someone. Hehe. I was like I am still in my 30's and you are ummm on your way to 50 lol. I am so evil.

Thanks all for your comments. I really appreciate them. I will be 40 this year btw but I am lucky that he will always be older lol.

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