Keeping His Moral Up Is My Job!

My husband is a United States Marine! The Marine has trained him well to do his job, they have supplied him with all the gear he needs to get through this deployment. However, they can't provide him with love. When he writes and says he is home sick or when he calls and you can tell in his voice he is sad, that is where my job comes in to play. We as military wives and girlfriends have to keep their spirits up, let them know that we love them and that we are missing them too but that everything at home is great (even if it's not). Don't tell him about the leaky faucet or the broken dishwasher, there is nothing he can do about it from the other side of the world. Tell him that the weather he is great and the dogs are being just as crazy as ever. That you remembered to get the oil changed in the car and you even got it washed. Tell him that you love him, that you miss him and that no matter what you will be waiting right here for him to come home. That is all they need to hear to make it through and it is our job to give them that support!
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