One Good Thing If Our Marine Is Away

Hello I am Klarr, I am 26 yrs old friendly and cheerful Filipina, got a Boyfriend now in San Diego for His Boot camp and soon he'll be graduating this Dec 3.  I just want to share what it feels like when u are used to with some thoughful and sweet acts from a person and yet that person would be temporarily be away from u.  this makes me feel sad, and it's even hard to go on with what I am doing, hard to analyze things at work even at their least ... i even experienced on reading the mails we used to have again and again, read the skype chats we used to have, read the monthsarry cards that he gave me repeatedly before he went to his Bootcamp.  but good thing in here during those times that i am missing him so much and duing those times that i can think if is he also thinking and mising and loving me the way that I am towards that, it made me more relieved when his family would send me messages thru my fb account, would give comments on my posted status or during those times that they are calling me over my mobile to ask me, on how am i doing these days... all these things give me happiness though i am not hearing from my Marine though I am not seeing him.. it gives great joy in my  heart when I could feel how his family wanted me too to become more closer to them ...

I hope this story that i have, inspired some women out there to be more happy even our Marines are not near us temporarily as long as we have too the kindness and happy hearts of their parents and brothers and sisters.
Godbless Us.  Semper Fidelis
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26-30, F
Nov 15, 2010