Missing Him.

I miss him so much. Somehow it feels harder now then when he left for boot camp. I hope time goes by faster. Every night ive been crying before i go to sleep. When he left for boot camp only i did for a few days. But now it cant help but really really miss him more. I think its because we arent sure when we are going to see each other next. I pray everyday that we are close and we will see each other soon.
Its tough because im still in high school, so i cant just go visit him. And thats IF my strict parents let me go fly out to see him. He's going to be far away. I have to wait 4 months til spring break if he doesnt get a leave between mct and mos. And if not during spring break, itll most likely be 7 months for summer. Which i dont want to wait that long just to see him....Everyone stay strong and positive though. Good things come to those who wait.
"You dont have to see someone every day just to love them"
Semper Fi everyone <3
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I talked to him on sunday!! :) twice on the phone and we texted a little bit. This weekend hes pretty sure he has all weekend liberty! :) i cant wait!!

they were told they can have their phones!! but his died bc he forgot a charger bc he didnt kno if was gonna get to keep it. and im stayin as strong as possible lol

Awww :/ sometimes if one guy gets caught with his phone, they can lose liberty. <br />
i hope you hear from your marine! <br />
stay strong :) dont let anyone try to get you down

dood me to!! im waiting till i finally get a call. its been almost two weeks which is sad. but i kno we will both be stronger in the end.

Yeah exactly! Before boot we knew exactly what day we would see them again. Now its all mystery! <br />
Thank you girl, ill stay positive. No one or nothing can make me change how i feel about him or how i love him :). I got a call from him today, it makes me realize how special it is to wait a week to get a call. 1 week down, ill keep praying and will see him soon. Its definatly hard, im always thinking about him or how hes does or what hes thinking.

i hate this part!! bc at bootcamp we knew what day, what hr, what minute we would see and talk to them again but this time we dnt whick mkaes it harder. durin leave we both became so attached to each other that leaving just sucked. b4 we knew everything and even planned what we were gonna do when we saw our guy again but now we dnt no anything. we dnt no what their doin or if their ok which makes things 10x worse. we all have to stay strong and keep sending the love their wya even if we cant talk to them. prayer and jsut thinking about our guys will keep them knowing we love them.