Boot Camp Down, Now For Mct And Mos

After I allow myself to have my emotional week or two of getting used to Dylan not being here again, I'll be good. I just got to keep busy and look forward to having skype dates with him four Tuesdays and some change from today <3. I do not know if i mentioned it to you girls but in Dylan's last letter from PI, he asked me if I would want to move in with him at his first duty station off base. Of course I did not answer that in a letter but  once he graduated  to get him to smile that wonderful smile a little brighter than it already was. I heard from him Saturday and I loved that he called me  for as long as he did! Hope to be able to hear from him again this upcoming Sunday, but if not it will be okay :]. It will just make the next phone call I get ever the more better!
In your absence, my heart grows stronger. In your presence, I fall in love all over again<3
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I can only imagine how hard it is to be away from him, and remain strong . my bf is really thinking hard about enlisting to the marines, do u have any kind of advice for me.....

writting and little gifts he can eat<br />
beef jerky is always good