Even the generic term happy holidays that is being used more and more now is a derivative from the Hebrew, meaning Holy Day, hence holi-day, holiday. People can be so silly at times... Christmas is all about Jesus! I am perfectly aware that Jesus was actually born in late March - April... and that the 'holiday' yule was on the solstice, near when Christmas day is. Despite all that, the main point of Christmas always has been the birth of Christ! Yule is completely separate! Some groups disagree... well, Christmas was intentionally placed alongside yule, and even borrowed the tree from the yule celebrators - this was so pagans could convert without having to give up their traditions - and was thought up by the early Catholic church. So, yeah... Christmas is all about Christ!

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arcam... Our government's original idea of freedom of religion was freedom to be protestant without being persecuted by the Catholic church. It developed into our modern idea of freedom of religion much later. So it was indeed founded on Christianity.

Uhm... cowboy57, your Government was built around the idea of freedom of thought and ex<x>pression, which automatically excludes any religion. I'm not even from your country and I know that.<br />
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And, I'm not religious.<br />
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Surprisingly though, I agree to an extent. There is no reason to take Christ out of Christmas. However, given that you have freedom of religion, it is expected that religion will be kept out of the public sector, which means that public employees cannot refer to any religion, including Christianity. <br />
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It is to ensure equality, but of course, their is no war on Christmas. It is an attempt to bring people together, and unfortunatly, religion is not known for its ability to do so.

We need to keep that this holiday is for the birth of Christ and more people need to understand that and our goverment was build around the catholic religion. We have on our money in God we trust and need to keep it that way.

Profound profoundness? wow, sounds really cool.... I think.