Pay Back Time

When this country descends into civil war, and I am sure that is within the next twenty four to thirty months...I plan on exacting vengence.

There is a simmering rage across the nation and it is on the verge of boiling over.  The country has become a nation of whiners and losers who are be rewarded for bad behavior.  Lose your job, get a handout. Sign a mortgage you could never pay for, get a check from the feds.  Destroy the auto industry...get artificially propped up with a simulus bill.

What our treasonous politicians have overlooked is that for the vast millions who played by the rules, worked hard, saved and paid exhorbitant taxes and are now being screwed...we are not going to take it any longer.

We love our country and the freedom and opportunity it provided.  Our capitalistic system was the fairest system in the history of the world.  For it to be destroyed overnight and the wealth earned and saved by responsible citizens taken and given to losers who made their own choices in life that contributed to their intolerable.  There is going to be a revolution in this country and it will not take much to ignite it.

When the fight begins...I will not be going after the clueless sheep who blindly followed our socialist, power lusting politicians.  I will be going after their leaders.

Take note, when the fight is over...we will be thrown back over one hundred years, but we will prevail and we will once again be left with our magnificient constitution and its' original intent.  The only change that will be made to it is strict term limits to all branches of government, including the judicial branch.  You libs will be sentenced to re education centers to undue your brainwashing.

Many people are afraid of the coming storm.  I look forward to it and yearn for the days afterwards when our country is cleansed of the scourge of liberalism.

orien orien
46-50, M
8 Responses Feb 21, 2009

we obviously disagree, and the glaring difference between us is that I don't pretend to know you or your values...but you seem to think that you have the ability of knowing mine.<br />
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I can respect your beliefs, maybe not agree with them, but respect them. It is offensive to call someone Hitler or Stalin or slam their religious beliefs...but at your age, I am sure it is unreasonable to expect you to change.<br />
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humor takes many forms and I am sorry if you did not pick up on that.<br />
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nice chatting with you.<br />
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humor t

who said that? if the country descends into chaos or war, what will you do?<br />
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think about what would happen if the stock markets continues its' plunge. the currency will be wothless, and when that happens, how will people survive? if you do not have gold or something of value to barter with or weapons, one would not survive. we have our politicians to thank for this, and it is a real possibility of this scenario happening. <br />
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just be prepared for the worst and pray for the best. if the country disintegrates, many people will be angry to revolt, and all I am saying is I would join them.

obviously, you have no clue. keep your head in the sand and when the country falls apart, you will be left with a dumbfounded look on your face. I however, will be prepared.

Who said anything about compassion? Frankly, if it comes to this, no education will be required, the people will have come to their senses.

So who is going to pay for these re education centers of which you speek?<br />
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Is that more compassionate conservatism?

hey isin...crawl back in your doublewide and spend your welfare check on some more beer.<br />
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You are hopelessly brainwashed and uninformed. Conservatives did not run the country the last several years...the free for all spending was done by demos and repubs...not conservatives. You are obviously to stupid to know the difference.<br />
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You are the one needing a life. Sitting on the can looking at Hustler and spankin the monkey is pathetic.

I understand your frustration, I feel it too. The world is crazy and is going to pot (financial ruin, lost jobs, deficits). But I see the causes of it differently and see different solutions (government involvement.)<br />
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I agree that people who play by the rules shouldn't be screwed over, but it is impossible when the richest among us are the ones who are not following any rules and thereby screwing the rest of us. Did you know that the federal government is trying to claim taxes owed of over 100 Billion dollars from bank accounts in Switzerland? Taxable income from wealthy Americans that was hidden to avoid paying taxes. <br />
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How can this be right? <br />
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Everyday people ARE getting screwed. Especially when bank executives complain that they can't get more than 500,000 in compensation and bankers from bailed out banks gave themselves 14.8 million in bonuses after they received the money.<br />
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When people who play by the rules are losing their jobs (nearly half a million a month! That's 1 million in 2 months! 6 million in a year) and their retirement savings and are desparate to stay in their homes, and bankers complain that they can't have bonuses after ruining their company and economy, then something is DEFINITELY wrong. <br />
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The only way to protect the innocent is to regulate and involve the government unfortunately.

Excuse me. But I think it has been the conservatives who have been in charge in the executive branch over the last eight years and in the Congress over 14 or the last 16 years. Get a life and get over it!