OMFG Im Going to Kill His ******* ***

I want to kill this mother ******. My sistet was almost raped by him and he forsed her to give him head. He had his soon to be wife in the next room and did this ****. And  she dosent want to do a ******* thing about it. That ****** me off even more. She told my ******* brother to take her home but he was to ******* busy trying to get a peice of ******* ***. I sware to ******* god i will kill this mother ****** if i ever see his ***. But the thing that sucks is that i cant do a ******* thing right now. Im in a diffrent state than her on vachion visting with other family. I cant even exsplan how i feel. That sorry sack of **** just needs to ******* die and rot. I hope i find out who he is, because she wont tell me. Ahhh man im about to go ******* nuts.
takeawildguess takeawildguess
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1 Response Jul 6, 2007

I know you are really angry about this, and you have every right to be, just try to remember that killing him won't help. If you get arrested because of what you do to this *******, your sister would feel terrible and in all seriousness it would be as if he won. The best thing to do is have your sister go to the police. Even if they can't do anything but question him, his soon to be wife would find out and I can't imagine that would make for a great marriage. I am sorry that this happened to your sister, she is lucky to have a brother to help her and support her in a difficult time like this. I hope you both find your way through it. Best of luck.