Find A Happy Place, Find A Happy Place, Find A Happy.............

I live in a downstairs apartment. When I moved in the people upstairs were a snoopy lady and her cackling, heavy footed grand daughter. Now I know they were angels! The lady passed away and her sleezy ex-con son assumed ownership of her three bedroom place. Three years later and he has me all homicidal. Yes I want to get rid of him! He lodges the rooms and has had 10 tenants thus far. All types of people coming and going from the suicidal woman to the perverted old man. My apartment gets flooded out everytime beause of a plumbing issue he refuses to deal with and the yard becomes a garbage bin.The owner of the property (his uncle) is in court trying to get him evicted. I should move but other apartments cost four times what I pay. Now he has the f@!#ing partridge family without the partridge living upstairs!  Kids bawling from the top of their little lungs, fighting, stuff falling, running and a constipated muslim man who insists on parking in my walkway, when there is a perfectly good parking spot in the yard. Rope, combat knife, tape and  gasoline, check.
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There are no happy places left.