What's A Perfect Way To Dispose Of A Body?

Well... I can get used to my neighbors beating the sense out of each other. I mean I've tried to help them by calling the cops, but of course, they're stupid and domestic violence is what they live for. Today was a different story however... Yeah, they were being their usual obnoxiously loud selves. I thought... Hey, whatever I'll just pop on some head phones or turn up the tv like I usually do... Nah... Not this time. Suddenly I hear a CLASH! I rush over to my kitchen and notice the light cover has fallen and smashed into a million pieces because their fat ***** don't know how to be respectful. Furious, I stomped up to their apartment and banged on their door. I said, "Okay... Is there anyway you can be any louder? You just broke my light cover from all the stomping." The lady of the house apologizes, but of course doesn't mean it and only ****** me off more by acting like it was no big deal. So I tell her all the crap they do and suddenly the husband or boyfriend comes and goes, "Okay that's nice" and closes the door. I go, "yeah, of course... you're just a bunch of scum. That's why I'm going to call the cops and get your ***** kicked out"... I walk inside my apartment and call the cops. Suddenly as I'm talking to the operator they start jumping so hard on their floor they nearly bust through. It's ridiculous how disrespectful people are. I really do wish I could kill them. Like literally... But I guess that's what the cigarettes they're smoking are doing for me. I just wish it was a faster process.

The cops were of course useless...

I think it's time to move back in with my parents.
PeppermintToxins PeppermintToxins
Sep 5, 2012