I Just Want Out!

I had TWO ******* PEOPLE leave me. Two. They were the last something that meant anything. And now, I'm all alone. I need someone so bad... But I have no one. And after 5 attempts at suicide, I think I'm finally going to do it. I just feel so alone... :/
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I know you hear this often but your young yet and there will be more people in your future. Plenty in fact. You only need to get out there are look around. New friends as well as people even closer to you.

Hannah to exist in this world is gift provided by God with infinite cost. Don't lost your gift easily. I am sure one day you will be very happy when you e an everlasting sweetheart. My prayers and thoughts are go out to you. We love you so much here EP

I understand how you must feel. I've had people leave me, too. It hurts. Killing yourself is not the answer. That is a final step you cannot take back. Keep writing here, and try talking to others here. There are many of us who have been through similar situations, and who understand your pain. You are very young, though you may not like hearing that. You have a long life ahead of you, and there will be other people in your life that you will love....some of them YOU may even leave. Don't give up! It also helps to broaden your world. Find activities and causes to get involved in, school clubs, maybe church, or volunteer for something you believe in. You'll meet people and learn a lot about yourself and them. If you truly feel suicidal, please talk to someone now: Your parents, a trusted adult, or even go to the ER at your local hospital. My prayers are with you. God bless.

try making friends here :) there are people that would never want you to kill yourself. There are also suicide hotlines to get someone to talk to. You really are to young to toss in the towel yet. Talking is not that hard. Try talking/chatting with one of the other young people on this crazy website.

I hear your pain and hope someday you will understand that events come & go. This too will pass. If you really want the pain to stop, look around and notice the people who have it worse. Then count your blessings. The best thing anyone can do is to do volunteer work. eg: homeless people or an animal shelter.

Grow up you aren't going to kill yourself. You have insecuritie issues that need attention ASAP if its making you think about killing yourself. Nobody can make you feel loved but yourself. You are entirely responsible for the conditions of your emotions and well being. Nobody can fill that void in your heart only self acceptance can, you are who you are, get the hell over it. It feels good to feel wanted by external perspectives but the reality is you have a B.S. relationship with yourself and you rely on others to lift you out of your own poor self image. The moment you rely on others to make you happy is the moment you have failed at seeking happiness. Happiness is within, being on your own is EXACTLY what you need. The reason so many relationships fail are because of men and women like you who are so caught up with insecurities aren't stable enough to be in a relationship in the first place. I've been with so many girls like you it's horrendous. I want the best for you and I apologize for providing tough love but you will never learn if idiots above me suck up to you feeding the fire. They are giving you what you want; attention; ego support; mood elevation, and false love. You want some advise ? Love yourself unconditionally.

By the way a real relationship works only if two people together love themselves first before their partner. Love yourself until it overflows, and the love that over flows is what you should be giving to your parter. You're a love vampire sucking the love from anyone, just to feel better temporarily because it it gives you a taste of contentment. Please learn to think about what is really happening when You see patterns repeat, like people leaving you. Love yourself love yourself love yourself.

Hannah, after more than 15 years trapped in a loveless marriage (that I'm still trapped in 10 years later, thank you very much), I found love. I found a soulmate who loved and respected me and wanted to be with me. She wouldn't leave her husband, and knew I wouldn't leave my wife, but the point is, even at the ripe old age of 43, I discovered that Love does still exist and is real. I still hate my life and want to die, but I have proof positive that Love can be waiting. Point is, life is long and nobody, NOBODY, knows what waits for us. If you want to talk, PLEASE let me know. I swear to God I'll be here for you, angel...

please, please don't kill yourself, you say you attempted 5 times, clearly you have failed, I've attempted twice and failed both times. and you know what, i tell myself, remind myself every day, every time I'm feeling upset or angry, i remind myself of the times i tried to kill myself and i realize that there is a reason both attempts were fails, for you, you have an even bigger sing, 5 attempts failed which means you're not supposed to die yet, you're not ready to leave yet and you shouldn't. you're still alive today for a reason, you may not know that reason right now but if you try once more and succeed this time you'll never know the reason you're meant to be alive. please don't do it, I'm not going to tell you everything will get better because i know that you think it won't, but i can tell you this, remind yourself everyday that you are meant to be on earth, you are here for a reason, and try not to ever forget it please. I'm always here if you feel alone.

don't please. I'm there for u to talk to.

no please don't, you deserve to live and much more then them, someone who won't leave you, next time dont be as easy on people, treat them the way they treat you, please dont do anything to your self you'll make people's life's miserable,stop focusing on what you lost and realize what you still have, i know it sounds corny but be glad to have a computer/phone , a family, health, roof on top of your head, food, etc..
people come and go,

thats honestly how i was. even til now i mean i could count my friends on my fingers and it would be one just my boyfriend. i dont even have my family around. i tried and tried to kill myself numerous times..trust me. but something told me to hold on . that one day it will all work out. those people who claim to be your friends then hurt you are only our bumps in our life that we need to get over. even though im a stranger dammn would i have wished to have someone to talk to..anyone. i got up..on my own. i may not have alot to see. but i do have alot in my life for me and my boyfriend. i grew up fast yes but i wouldnt change any experiences in my life. i hate the crying, the scars on my arms/legs/shoulders but im stronger than ever now. and when they need me i will be there to prove them that im not them. i kept my promises and i always will unlike them. and for that they can feel sad the rest of their lives on just me because no im not better than them but im stronger.

hold on..dont give up im 19 and ive got sooo much ahead of me. your younger, you need to live longer than me lol cheer up, itll be okay and it will all pass faster than you think and tomorrow will be here.

Thank you so much... (:

your welcome. i probably wont get on here much but im here if you need me. for any advice. if i can help anyone not go through as much as i did i would love that. i want to help everyone or at least let them hear my stories to know that there is soo much out there than we think. :D

Being totally and completely alone is no reason for a person to kill themselves. How do I know? I know because I have had many times in my life where I had no one to call friend. I learned that I needed to be my own best friend. There is medication and counseling out there. Life can be better, but you have to make it that way. You have the power to make things better. Please don't kill yourself. It's not the answer.

If people leave, let them. at least there might be a chance later in life for reconcilliation. I used pot to hide my depression from the loss of my wife a couple years ago. there is no chance of seeing her again. count your blessings instead of counting suicide attemps. I joined the local church and have made a lot of friends. I am not alone. go to church on sunday, find yourself there

I've tried... So many times. But there is no god. There is no chance at redemption for me.

Ive been cheated on 4 times this year. and had two very good friends turn their back on me. But you know what **** them. Im awesome

Life's hard. Don't give up the light at the end of the tunnel will come eventually

Everyone says that... But when? I don't know how much longer I can wait for my "light at the end of the tunnel".

It will come when it is your time. The three laws of the universe state that what you think is what you get so in the meantime start thinking positive and you'll get through it