It Just Keeps Getting Worse

I use to have an ordinary life, I was happily married with two girls, had a good job working construction, then one night my house caught fire, electrical... I woke up to smoke and flames, I yelled to my wife at the time to get up and get out of the house, that I would get the girls, I ran to their rooms and grabbed them both and made my way to the back door where my wife was, the floor was giving out as I was moving I yelled to my wife to grab the girls, the three of them got out I fell through the floor, with all sorts of **** piled on top of me burning me alive, I thought i was done for. I woke up in a hospital with over 90% of my body burned but the doctors told me I was lucky... Afterwards my wife and kids came in and my kids screamed as if they had just seen a monster, my wife tried to look at me but couldn't I was a melted former image of myself, that was the only time they came to see me at the hospital. A week after I was able to leave my wife filed for divorce and got full custody and moved far enough away I couldn't see them, she told me I was terrifying the kids and was to grotesque to even be around anymore she couldn't be seen in public with me like this. And now two years after the divorce here I am, people say it will get better, well the screams of my children haunt me, my own family won't speak to me, I have no one but a damn website to pour out to. I just don't want this suffering anymore...
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Jan 7, 2013