Bottled Up

Mouth closed, eyes open, ears listening.

I sometimes wonder if I ever talked out my feelings than maybe I wouldn't be as screwed up as I am right now. Cuz you know death loves to loom around every dark corner I pass and even jump out and attack me at the most unexpected times.

I keep telling myself. I want this. I need this.


Why? WHY. She's always ****!ng ask me this everytime I see her. Is there somehting that triggers you to ...

Please, just shut-up right there. Like seriously. You're making me WANT to kill myself right then and there. I say I don't know why I want to die. Specifically I mean. I mean there are lots of things that makes me want to ...

Daddy left me. Us. And Mumma ...

Mumma ...

She needs help. We need help. I need you to listen to me.

Listen to ONLY me. Watch my mouth move. Listen to my words. Hear me.

Please. Don't ignore me. I don't need another decade for you to finally realize that I'm not ... Normal ...

Not in the way you perceive me as in the least.

I still think about it. Everyday and every second. But I'm afraid.

Who's not afraid?
hopeontherun hopeontherun 13-15 1 Response Feb 13, 2013

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don't die, we feel the same and want to run away in a group