Bottled Up

Mouth closed, eyes open, ears listening.

I sometimes wonder if I ever talked out my feelings than maybe I wouldn't be as screwed up as I am right now. Cuz you know death loves to loom around every dark corner I pass and even jump out and attack me at the most unexpected times.

I keep telling myself. I want this. I need this.


Why? WHY. She's always ****!ng ask me this everytime I see her. Is there somehting that triggers you to ...

Please, just shut-up right there. Like seriously. You're making me WANT to kill myself right then and there. I say I don't know why I want to die. Specifically I mean. I mean there are lots of things that makes me want to ...

Daddy left me. Us. And Mumma ...

Mumma ...

She needs help. We need help. I need you to listen to me.

Listen to ONLY me. Watch my mouth move. Listen to my words. Hear me.

Please. Don't ignore me. I don't need another decade for you to finally realize that I'm not ... Normal ...

Not in the way you perceive me as in the least.

I still think about it. Everyday and every second. But I'm afraid.

Who's not afraid?
hopeontherun hopeontherun
1 Response Feb 13, 2013

hope, look to Jesus, he is your friend, talk to him, he came and is here when you call upon him, he heals all brokenness. but you only have to call upon him and youwill be saved from death.