-i lie

-i hurt people

- i think horrible things

- i hate myself

- i think i'm fat

-i'm invisable

-no one knows the real me

-i don't even know the real me myself

-i don't feel worth it

-i want help but i'm afraid to get it

-i'll always be a chicken

-i'm a pushover

-i'm not pretty.....


that's pretty much it for now....the longer i live the bigger the list will get

kisstheblade kisstheblade 18-21, F 10 Responses Jan 9, 2009

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I have a deformed face

come join us in the chat room at its a open chat room where you can talk to people that have been in the same place you are hope to see you there

Wow.. That's what I think of myself too..

Ive been where you are, i know its awful but believe me, it gets better. i promise you, your life will get much better. please stay alive. xoxoxox

I get those feelings. I have them all the time, at some points I think to myself and say: You should have just killed yourself years ago and saved yourself all this pain and hurt. But there's always something good...even if it's little compared to all the bad things. You just have to hold on to that. I'll do the same.

I hope you start feeling better about yourself soon.

All my love and hope, Crystal

wow we sound a lot alike, i feel most of these if not all of them, so if you want to talk ill be more then happy to.

auw bro,

i want to kill my self because no one to make a friends with me :((

do i really that bad to make such a relationship even a basic relationship such as friends with others???

i do not know, but i do now that no one in this world that really understand about my situation.

Please find someone in your family to talk to or the parents of a friend or a neighbour everyone will not realize how your feeling just talk to someone close to you and you'll realize just how much everyone loves you.

God will save you from your sorrow. If you have no where else to turn I believe that you should Pray.

but i happen to think that you are very purty....=+D.....