It really is not worth doing what it takes to stay alive. To deal with the tension and discomfort of being around other people. To continually accept a daunting lack of control over what goes on, having to move on without people who once meant the world to you, to realize people change. For the better or worse? It's up to them, not you. And all for nothing, the experiences of a lifetime forgotten instantly after death. And every trace of any lasting effect you ever had erased by time.

It's no ones fault either. No one asked to be alive before they were ever conceived. Life is in motion before it is fully understood what life is. And we continue to understand..

Happiness is not achievable, it is a balance that must be maintained, every minute of every day. Sadness is necessary for happiness since you can not have one without having the other. it will never leave you as long as you're alive. Just like "want". And need, emotions such as jealousy, disgust and hate. It's not worth dealing with for what there is in return, which, at best is only equivalent to negative emotions anyway

I hate being alive, every day. I hate being stuck here without the choice to leave, and I hate that I'm a person above all. I can see how the belief in a god would ease me, but there isn't a ******* chance. If god is real, he is an evil mother ****** at best. Especially to have created the most destructive, selfish, ****** species on the planet.
sunkern sunkern
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014